5 places you can buy a flag for Canada Day in Calgary

Jun 28 2017, 4:58 pm


Oct 31
Nov 1

The Haunted Inn

Sat, October 31, 8:00pm
The Inn on Officers' Garden
Starts at $21.00

Canada Day is upon us, so now is the time to show some national pride!

Given that this year happens to be the country’s 150th birthday, you can get it’s going to be a memorable weekend.

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From the annual parade to some extra special fireworks, Canada Day 2017 is shaping up to be a pretty great one in Calgary.

But is it really Canada Day if you don’t have a flag to enthusiastically wave during the festivities?

To get you ready here are 5 places to buy a flag in Calgary.


If you’re looking for something easy and inexpensive, you can’t go wrong with a quick trip to Dollarama. This popular chain will have everything from full-size Canada flags to miniature flags come Canada Day. The trick will be leaving the store without 10 other Canada Day-themed items!


Similar to Dollarama, most Wal-Mart stores have a massive seasonal section. Thus, when Canada Day is around the corner, Wal-Mart becomes fully stocked with all things red and white. From Canada flags to Canada Day t-shirts, you’ll be able to find an array of festive and patriotic items at Wal-Mart.

Canadian Tire

They stock just about everything else that you could think of and flags of all sizes definitely feature among that inventory. There will also be all sorts of other patriotic paraphernalia for you to celebrate with.

Home Depot

Stick flags (little mini wavers) to larger ones can be found at Home Depot. If you’re feeling like rocking out in some other gear there are also umbrellas, camping chairs, gazebos, pillows and more for you to show your pride off with.

Real Canadian Superstore

Like other stores across Calgary this well known chain will have all sorts of emblazoned gear for you to show off your national pride with!