12 of the weirdest town names in Alberta

Feb 17 2023, 5:50 pm

Canada is known for having some of the most bizarre town names in the world, from Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! in Quebec, to Didlo, Newfoundland. Our special brand of unique and whimsical names has attracted worldwide attention on numerous occasions.

Even in Alberta alone, there are just too many out-there names to even begin to count. We decided to gather a few of the top ones and curate one outlandish list.



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There’s a reason why you get a chuckle every time you drive past the sign on the QEII in this small town.


With a population of 117 and dwindling, the trees are tall, and the people are few in the hamlet of Lodgepole.



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Known for that sweet, sweet Taber corn, this town’s name is a step up from its original title: Tank No. 77.


A favourite destination for Star Trek enthusiasts, Vulcan is the home planet of one of the show’s original series characters. The only logical thing to do here is to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Swan Hills


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While the town was originally founded as a base camp for oil workers, the name has a much longer history. The name Swan Hills was first given to the area by Indigenous people, who believed that giant swans nested on the estuary of the Assiniboine River, according to the town’s website.


Your royal visit awaits, your highness.


Whoever came up with the name for Cereal, Alberta, must have missed breakfast that day.



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You’re in for a bloomin’ good time in Rosebud, a picturesque little town in the Alberta badlands.

Dead Man’s Flats

There are plenty of scandalous theories about how Dead Man’s Flats got its name. According to some, it was named after a murder in the area, while others claim it was named because illegal trappers posed as dead to avoid being arrested. Either way, it’s a name worthy of this list.



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Despite its misleading name, the town has many friendly people.

Medicine Hat

A good dose of sunscreen is the only prescription needed in one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Also, a hat wouldn’t hurt, either.



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Imagine our disappointment when we discovered that Carstairs had no stairs for cars.

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