Sunny skies and warm weather in the forecast for Calgary this week

Nov 23 2020, 8:27 pm

Warmer weather is on its way to Calgary this week.

Following the sub-zero temperatures that have been bringing a bit of fresh snowfall, Calgarians will be happy to hear that sunny skies are actually on their way over the coming days.

The Weather Network’s forecast is showing temperatures reaching above freezing, and while there are some snowflakes on their way, it won’t be burying the city in centimetres of snow any time soon.

Tuesday is one of the warmest of the week, forecast to see a high of 5Ā°C that feels more like 2Ā°C.

Wednesday cools down below freezing and will see under 1 cm of snowfall, though Thursday warms back up to a high of 3Ā°C.

The real scorcher of the week is Friday, with a high of 7Ā°C that feels like 3Ā°C that brings a mix of sun and clouds with it.

However, Friday is also expected to see under 1 cm of snowfall.

The forecast shows Saturday arriving with around 1 more cm of snow and a high of 0Ā°C, while Sunday cools things back down to a high of just -2Ā°C that feels like -4Ā°C.

It’s not exactly the balmiest week we’ve ever seen, but given the cruel winter that’s on its way, we’ll take it!

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