Half of vaccinated Canadians don't want to hang out with unvaccinated people: poll

Jul 23 2021, 6:24 pm

As it becomes easier to access COVID-19 vaccines in Canada and getting a shot depends more on choice rather than logistical challenges, many immunized Canadians say they’d choose not to spend time with unvaccinated individuals.

According to a new poll by Angus Reid, only half (53%) of Canadians surveyed who’ve had at least one shot say they’re likely to spend time with unvaccinated people.

The rest (46%) say they’ll probably avoid unvaccinated people — even though they themselves have built up immunity to the virus. Older people especially say they’ll be choosy about who they spend time with, the survey suggested.


Angus Reid

The poll also found discrepancies among Canadians regarding attitudes to asking others about immunization status.

Vaccinated people also tend to think it’s fine to ask about immunization status, but unvaccinated people generally think it’s taboo.

Asking about immunization status is seen as inappropriate by three-quarters of people surveyed who are unwilling or unsure about getting the shot.

On the other hand, 55% of people surveyed who’ve received at least one dose say asking about vaccination status is completely fine.

According to the poll, Conservative voters are also more likely to think asking about vaccination status is inappropriate.

angus reid

Angus Reid

Alberta has twice the national average of vaccine-hesitant people

Angus Reid asked people across the country their stance toward getting vaccinated and found vaccine hesitancy is most common in Alberta.

One in five Albertans say they’re unwilling or unsure about getting vaccinated, which is twice the national average. However, vaccine hesitancy has decreased since the beginning of the year as Albertans see their friends and family get the jab.

Angus Reid

Angus Reid

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