Police investigating after fight broke out over Donald Trump hat at UofC

Oct 18 2016, 7:36 pm

The Calgary Police Service is investigating after a fight broke out between two men over one of them sporting a hat featuring a Donald Trump campaign slogan.

The infamous “Make America Great Again” slogan was at the centre of the brawl that happened at the University of Calgary campus on Friday evening.

A Facebook post by one of the two men involved in the fight and the owner of the hat, Andrew Brookman, says the instigator of the attack was the other person, who was simply identified in a police report as a student at the University of Calgary.

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“Whilst walking through Mac Hall I became involved in a situation regarding the wearing of my Trump hat. This incident lead to me being physically attacked for my political beliefs,” reads his post. “I entered the discourse with the said individual with no hostile intention nor did I honestly attempt to provoke him in any meaningful way. I was left shocked because I could have never foreseen the violence that would spawn from such a simple political interaction.”

The police, however, say there are conflicting reports as to who the instigator was.

“In speaking to a few of the other parties that were involved in the fight, some of them are friends of these people involved, and even their stories of what occurred and who started it are conflicting,” acting Staff Sergeant Clayton Martin tells Daily Hive.

Martin says the Calgary Police Service has obtained some video footage that they’re in the process of reviewing, although Martin is unsure of the quality of the video.

They can then determine whether or not a criminal offence or assault took place that day at the University of Calgary. As the investigation is ongoing, no charges have been laid yet.

Martin wouldn’t give any details on the conflicting reports.

This isn’t the first time a Donald Trump hat has caused an uproar on a university campus. Last month, a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat caught a woman on video asking him to take it off, as she believed it constitutes hate speech.