Donald Trump hat causes uproar at Mount Royal University (VIDEO)

Sep 16 2016, 9:14 pm

A controversial hat was worn at Mount Royal University and the incident has gone viral on social media since being posted on Wednesday.

The verbal exchange took place in the halls of Mount Royal when one student was called out for wearing a hat that read “Make America Great Again.”

One student asked for the removal of the offending article, stating the popular Donald Trump campaign slogan represented unacceptable hate speech on campus.

She said that if he didn’t take off the hat she would she would call on the school’s president, David Docherty, to demand he take it off, mentioning that she’s already told the president about this hat before.

It seems as though people are split on the ‘wear the hat’ vs ‘don’t wear the hat’ controversy shown on the comment section of the YouTube video. Some have gone to Mount Royals’ Facebook rating page and have given the University a low rating due to it’s alleged iron fist.

In a statement released by Mount Royal University, President Dr. David Docherty said:

“I have seen the video and want to emphasize that I believe, both as an individual and as the President of Mount Royal University, freedom of speech is fundamental to post-secondary institutions and to society as a whole.

Both of these students are free to express their political opinions on campus, and University administrators will not interfere in their right to do so.

Students can express differing opinions in a respectful way to increase understanding of each other’s views. Universities play a critical role in society as places where students and other groups can share and listen to different perspectives in a respectful and peaceful way. We will continue to protect this freedom of expression.

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