Uber launches cheaper pool option in Canada

Sep 13 2018, 9:05 pm

Uber has just launched a cheaper way to use their popular ride-sharing service.

For those not familiar with Uber Pool, the service allows app users to share a car ride to their destinations at a cost lower than that of a solo ride. This does, however, add time to the journey.

Now, Uber has revealed an even cheaper way to pool around your city.

Users who use the new Express Pool will generally have to wait a few extra moments as the app finds other rides along the route. Once there is a driver, Uber will show the user where to walk to be picked up–that’s right, it won’t come to your location, rather you’ll have to walk to it.

As well, the trip will end at “an efficient dropoff spot” which will be picked by Uber, so you’ll have to walk to your destination from there.

According to Uber, the pickup and drop off locations will be chosen to allow every user to have a more direct trip.

Although it doesn’t specify how much cheaper the Express Pool will be, the company promises prices that are “even lower than the cost of uberPOOL.”

Besides the new service, Uber unveiled an entirely new look that will eventually feature a fresh, custom-made typeface, new colours, and redesigned in-app look, including animations.

Their new logo is still black and white.

According to the company, the logo is “approachable, easy to read, and takes full advantage of our name recognition.”


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