18 places to go tobogganing in Calgary

Dec 19 2017, 10:54 am

Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Have some free fun with friends and family, grab the kids and go tobogganing. Below we have compiled a list of some of the places to sled in Calgary.

There are 18 designated spots where sledding is allowed and they all have a “safe sledding” sign, stick to these spots and you will avoid a $100 fine.

North West

Confederation Park

This hill is just a quick walk from the parking lot. It’s not too steep so it’s great for beginners and young children.

Where: 2807 10 Street NW (North side of the park by Rosemont Community Center)

Royal Oak

Located far north west the hill is a local hot spot. With ample street parking, it’s great for families and kids of all ages since the hill isn’t too steep.

Where: 9100 Royal Birch Boulevard NW (north side)

St. Andrew’s Heights

If you drive by McMahon stadium you won’t miss this one. Known around the block as “suicide hill” this one is probably the most advanced slope out there. It’s simply huge and is guaranteed to get you to maximum speed and fun. If you’re not quite ready to break the sound barrier, there is a smaller hill just south of the main hill that beginners and children can enjoy.

Where: 2504 13 Avenue NW (park)

North East

Big Marlborough Park

This hill features a pond on the bottom and ads to the sledding distance. If you get tired of sledding, throw on some skates and hit the pond or warm up by the fire.

Where: Dry pond – 755 Madeira Drive NE

Deerfoot Athletic Park 

Located on the south side of Deerfoot trail this place is spot for urban sledding.

Where: 1503 16 Avenue NE

Marlborough Community Association

This hill is located near Applewood Village Park.

Where: 636 Marlborough Way NE

Monterey Park

This is a great hill, located right beside California Boulevard.

Where: 2707 Catalina Blvd. NE (NE corner)

Prairie Winds Park

The hill is located near the airport and is steep. You’ll likely find some more serious toboggan riders here, so this hill is not recommended if you’re trying sledding for the first time. You can also go skating at the park.

Where: 223 Castleridge Boulevard NE (north side)


This is another great hill, and finishes onto a dry pond for extra distance.

Where:  4120 Rundlethorn Drive NE – dry pond (By the Elementary School)

South West

Glendale Park

This hill is for everyone since it features both easy and steep runs.

Where: 2225 45 Street SW (west side)


Comes with parking and is meant for smaller children and beginners.

Where: Dry pond (behind the RoseKohn/Jimmy Condon Arenas) – 505 78 Avenue SW

Richmond Green

This hill is located right beside the Gold Course.

Where: 2539 33 Avenue SW


Great hill, and levels out onto a dry pond for extra distance.

Where: Dry pond – 10404 Sacramento Drive SW


This hill is located by Royal Sunalta Park.

Where: 1737 14 Avenue SW

Signal Hill

Not the giant hill behind Westhills shopping center, this hill is tucked away in the neighbourhood.

Where: 2063 Sirocco Drive SW

Stanley Park

You will find Stanley Park right by Elbow River.

Where: 330 42 Avenue SW

South East

Maple Ridge

You will have to go deep into the neighborhood for this one, but it’s worth the drive.

Where: dry pond – 1127 Mapleglade Drive SE

McKenzie Towne​

This hill goes quite the distance and you will be sledding for while on each run.

Where: 160 McKenzie Towne Drive SE

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