8 tips to prevent crow attacks

Dec 19 2017, 2:22 am

April to July is nesting season for crows, which means they are more prone to attacking those walking past their nest. If you’re someone who has been attacked in different parts of the city, it may be time to take action to avoid getting dive-bombed by the black beady-eyed birds.

So, how can one prevent becoming the victim of a crow attack?

Bring an umbrella

The best way to ward off crows is to carry an umbrella. Unfortunately, nesting season is during summer months, which means you might feel foolish carrying a giant umbrella around.

But you know what’s more foolish? Flailing your hand in the air screaming, “Please God, no!” while running down the street being chased by a bird (or birds).

Don’t hit or hurt them, they’ll come back to bite you

Please remember, they’re just protecting their babies. If you are being targeted, avoid hitting or hurting them. And they also gossip, so for your own sake avoid pissing them off.

They remember your face for up to three years, with or without a mask, and they’ll also communicate and warn other crows about you.

Take an alternative route

If you simply cross the street, they won’t chase you. They’re only attacking you because they feel that their nest is in danger.

Nesting season lasts until July, and sometimes it even trickles over into August. If you are a target of one particularly cranky crow who, for some reason, doesn’t like your charm and good looks then just take an alternative route.

Avoid wearing shiny objects

It’s been said crows like to collect shiny objects (often to re-gift) but the debate is still on-going.

Don’t wear glittery objects. So as cool as you look, avoid wearing a big chunky gold chain and rings on every finger because you’ll probably lose your dignity as soon as they swoop in after you.

Don’t go near their babies

If you see a cute little baby bird with big black bulbous eyes and a sweet little chirp, don’t touch it.

If the bird is in injured or distressed, please call the Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C. at 604-526-7275.

Run away

If you feel a swoosh of air on your head after a near miss and you’re nowhere near an intersection, then start running. If you run far and fast, they won’t follow.

Wear a hat

If you’re worried about your luscious lengthy locks or your new hairdo getting ripped out, wear a hat. Not only will you look fresh, but your head will be safe as well.

Carry unsalted peanuts to distract them

Desperate times call for desperate measures? If hostile crows are that much of an issue in your life, you can distract them.

You can feed them a variety of things but if you happen to have some unsalted peanuts in your pocket, throw them in the other direction.

Unsalted nuts are a healthy and cheap snack for crows. Plus, if they’re still shelled, the crows beak and jaw muscles will get a workout trying to crack it open. It will buy you time to make a quick escape. If crows happen to bully and follow you often, then keep some with you for emergencies.


If you are attacked by a crow, post it on social media. Send out a tweet or an Instagram photo post about where it happened to warn others to avoid the area.

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