Tim Hortons serving poutine doughnuts on Canada Day

Jun 29 2017, 1:02 pm

Poutine doughnuts.

Yes, they’re a real thing, and they’re on the Canada Day menu at select Tim Hortons restaurants… just not in Canada.

While Canadians will have to content themselves with red velvet muffins, dutchies, and Nanaimo bar doughnuts, American outlets will embrace Canadian stereotypes to the max with special menu items including a honey glazed doughnut dressed in potato wedges with fries curds and gravy Maple Timbits, and a maple flake and bacon-sprinkled Ice Capp.

poutine doughnut tim hortons

Business Wire

“At Tim Hortons® restaurants, we’re proud of our Canadian heritage and we want to share a piece of that in the United States,” said Felipe Athayde, EVP of Tim Hortons US. “Our new Canadian inspired treats are a great way for Americans to get in on the 150th celebration of their friendly neighbor next door.”

So this is what betrayal feels like.

The Canada Day menu doesn’t launch until July first, so while we haven’t tried one ourselves, it sounds like the kind of thing we should apologize for in advance.


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