Same buzz, new name: This is Daily Hive

Jun 1 2016, 8:55 pm

First off, yes, you are in the right place. This is still the Calgary Buzz you know and love – but as you might have noticed, we’ve changed into something different, something bigger.

I know what you’re thinking – no, we haven’t been acquired. Nor have we sold our souls. Instead we’ve evolved. Welcome to Daily Hive.

You might have already noticed that we’ve got a new website. But it’s much more than just a new look. We’ve also got a new name and a new brand. As of today, we’re excited to be able to announce the launch of a nationwide network delivering hyper-local digital content to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, as well as right here in Calgary.

Alongside the launch of our new name, we also wanted to launch a new site. We know some readers loved the red of Calgary Buzz, but we also know many of you didn’t – and we agreed with all of you. So with the launch of Daily Hive (1.0) we decided to strip everything back, doing away with the colours and collage of imagery in favour of simplicity. When designing the new site, we really wanted to focus on your experience, making it easier for you to read articles, view images, and watch videos.

So what is Daily Hive?

In short, it’s the next step in the evolution of Vancity Buzz. We started life as a humble blog, set up by two friends in a South Vancouver basement to celebrate everything that’s amazing about Vancouver. It was an idea that caught on. And as time passed, we became a trusted source for local Vancouver news, connecting people in the city with the amazing things that happen there each and every day. Little did we know that eight years later we would have millions of people from across the world visiting our site each month.

Clearly there was an appetite for what we were doing, and it wasn’t long before we were being asked when we would bring Vancity Buzz’s brand of hyper-local digital content to other parts of Canada. That began in 2015 with the launch of Calgary Buzz here, and nearly one year later, we’ve continued that expansion into Toronto and Montreal, all under a new name. A name that reflects what we do – produce content on a daily basis – and provides a home for the buzz – the hive.

As of today, those two people in a South Vancouver basement have grown into a company of 24 full-time staff and more than 60 contributors with a presence in cities across Canada. At a time when traditional media outlets are centralizing their operations, we’re proud to be actively putting boots on the ground, because no one knows a city like its own people. And that’s really the essence of what Vancity Buzz and Calgary Buzz, and now Daily Hive, are all about. This is your city, and we’re here to connect you to the people and places that make it so special. From food and fashion to arts, entertainment, sports, and news; if it’s happening in your city, in your hood, or on your block you’ll read about it here.

But we don’t just want this to be a site telling you what’s happening around town. We want this to be a platform for something more.

We won’t just cover what matters to us, we’ll cover what matters to you. Daily Hive is run by locals for locals and we have one mandate: to connect your city and make it better. Whether that’s asking the right questions, pushing the boundaries, or being persistent on certain issues, we won’t stop until you’ve been heard. Because it’s you that matters most. You are what make this great city what it is. You are what defines it. You are its heart and soul.

This is your city, and this is your Daily Hive.

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Special thanks to Tourism Montreal and for footage, and to Chin Injeti for making the soundtrack.

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