The Yukon wants to make sure you're getting enough of "the D" in ill-advised ad campaign

Dec 19 2017, 11:01 am

Up in the Yukon, the days are short, the nights are long, and there isn’t enough “D” to go around – at least that’s what Yukon’s Health and Human Services says.


Image: Yukon Health and Human Services

As first reported by Adweek, the government agency made an inappropriate gaffe in their latest campaign promoting Vitamin D supplements, referring to the vitamin as simply “the D”, something that could be easily misconstrued by today’s millennial generation.

But just mentioning “the D” wasn’t enough for the fine folks at Yukon Health and Human Services; they had to go and put a testimonial tone to the spots:


Image: Yukon Health and Human Services

“I’m in my 30s, who knew I needed to do the D?” said one poster featuring a man and his – concerned-looking – dog.


Image: Yukon Health and Human Services

“Need a little help with your daily D?” another poster featured next to a strange image of woman carrying a platter of fish over six glasses of milk.

The ads also featured a cute call to action, asking “How do you do the D?”

But before anyone had the chance to answer – and boy, do we wish they had – the agency was alerted to their naive mistake and switched their copy back to the much less ostentatious “vitamin D”.

Regardless of how they got their message across, it’s a fact many Yukoners will be going to bed thinking about “the D” tonight.

H/T: Adweek

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