Taxi rates in Calgary have decreased

Dec 19 2017, 11:23 am

Have you noticed cheaper taxi rates in Calgary? Within the last month, cab companies have lowered their rates by 12% to 15% all thanks to amendments made to The City of Calgary’s Livery Transport Bylaws.

The amendment will now allow taxi and limousine companies to set their own rates, eliminating a minimum charge previously implemented by The City.

Although The City still hasn’t sorted out matters with ride sharing companies like Uber, who coincidently would give customers a 33% discount on taxi fares, this is at least a move in the right direction.

“Our customers are looking for more affordable transportation and now we can provide it to them. With the newly amended bylaw we are able to lower our fare to show the public we are listening,” Kurt Enders, Checker Transportation Group’s President, said.

Checker Yellow Cab previously charged a maximum meter rate of $3.80 and $1.67 per kilometre. Since April 11, they have lowered their rates to $3.20 and a $1.42 per kilometre respectively equating to a 15% drop.

Mayfair Taxi has also dropped their rates by 15%, whereas Delta and Associate cabs have dropped their rates by 12%.


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