We taste tested this Calgary brunch spot's new line of epic hot sauces

Dec 2 2019, 9:44 am

Monki Bistro has quickly become a classic Calgarian standby in the brunch scene, serving up big-ticket brunch items (that are more like works of culinary art). Pink Prosecco hollandaise, waffle bennies, chocolate hazelnut French toast, brisket hash, breakfast poutine – the list goes on!

But one of the major items that Monki has become known for is their mammoth selection of hot sauces. Co-owners Aditya Dutta and Kaushik Sudharsanam both agree that brunch just tastes that much better with hot sauce, and they recently decided to put their love for heat truly into the business — by creating their own Monki hot sauces.

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First and foremost is the Monki the Vampire Slayer (’90s kids where you at?). Don’t let the name scare you off. With its a sweeter sauce with a good kick of garlic and minimal heat, the only thing it will be slaying is your breath. This one is for the hot sauce newbies or those just looking to add a bit more flavour to their dish.

The second hot sauce, though, is one to get a little more prepared for. Monki Tears might not bring tears to your eyes, but it will come close. This one gives the perfect balance of flavour and kick. The hot sauce is actually a key ingredient in their creamy, made-to-perfection hollandaise — who knew!

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The restaurant has even found a way to incorporate an extra bit of spice into their signature dishes, no hot sauce required. Their hash browns, for example, are seasoned with their in-house Monki Spice Mix — a concoction that consists of over eight unique spices. Talk about flavour overload!

It’s obvious that hot sauce has become a part of the culture that runs through the veins of this culinary hot spot. But where did it all begin?

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Aditya and Kaushik are huge fans of the YouTube show “Hot Ones,” so naturally this is where a lot of their hot sauce research stems from. In their hot sauce collection, you may find a few of those sauces made famous by this show, along with some new unique, and completely wild sauces you likely haven’t even heard of for you to try

The restaurant’s diners clearly share this deep love for hot sauce; many were even bringing their own sauce from home when they came in for breakfast. So the duo felt it was a no brainer to give their brunch clientele the choice of adding some extra heat, Monki style.

Not only can you try all of these sauces when you head in next for breakfast, but you can also purchase your own hot sauce or spice mix to bring home. Consider this one added to our regular brunch rotation!

Monki Bistro

Where: Monki Beltline — 1301 10 Avenue SW, Calgary; Monki Inglewood — 4-1420 9 Avenue SW, Calgary
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 3 pm; Saturday to Sunday, 8 am to 4 pm

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