20 tallest buildings in Calgary right now

Dec 19 2017, 10:59 am

From office to mixed-use buildings, Calgary is home to many unique concrete, steel, and glass giants. With so many different buildings towering over one another, here’s a look at the 20 tallest buildings in Calgary right now.

1. The Bow Tower

Floor count: 58
Roof height: 774 feet

Opening in 2012, the Bow Skyscraper is a beautiful addition to Calgary’s skyline. Boasting large windows and a crisscross-like design, The Bow sits as the largest skyscraper in Calgary. It also plays host to “Wonderland“, a popular piece of public art.

2. Suncor Energy Centre

Floor count: 53
Roof height: 705 feet

Suncor Energy Centre was built in 1984, making it an older building but is still the second tallest building in Calgary. It encompasses over two million square feet of office and retail space. It is also a certified green building with a Gold level of certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance program.

3. Eighth Avenue Place I

Image: Micheal J via Flickr

Image: Micheal J via Flickr

Floor count: 49 floors
Roof height: 697 feet

Since 2011, Eighth Avenue Place I has added a sleek look to the skyline, and its design was inspired after the mountains. Made out of mostly metal and glass, the highrise is mainly used for office and some retail.

4. Bankers Hall West Tower

Floor count: 52
Roof height: 646 feet

Bankers Hall West Tower finished construction in 1988 and is connected with the Bankers Hall East tower by a four-level sky-lit retail gallery. Bankers Hall West Tower and East Tower are certified green buildings with a Gold level of certification in LEED’s Operations and Maintenance program.

4. Bankers Hall East Tower

Floor count: 52 floors
Roof height: 646 feet

6. Calgary Tower

Floor count: N/A
Roof height: 627 feet

The iconic Calgary Tower opened to the public as Calgary’s tallest building in 1967. Today, the Calgary Tower is home to the highest 360° observation deck in the world.

7. TransCanada Tower

Floor count: 38
Roof height: 581 feet

This office tower was completed in 2001 and is the head office of TransCanda Pipelines, a leading energy company in North America.

7. Eighth Avenue Place II

Floor count: 41
Roof height: 581 feet

Originally a 29-storey proposal, the Eighth Avenue Place II was built at 41 storeys high in 2012 beside the taller Eighth Avenue Place I building.

7. Canterra Tower

Floor count: 45
Roof height: 581 feet

The Canterra Tower is considered a Class “AAA” office tower located in Eau Claire and opened to its first tenant in 1988.

10. First Canadian Centre West Tower

Floor count: 41
Roof height: 547 feet

Located in the heart of downtown, First Candian Centre – West Tower was built in 1983. The building is currently pursuing BOMA BESt certification and is managed by GWL Realty Advisors.

11. Centennial Place I

Image: Qyd via Wikimedia Commons

Image: Qyd via Wikimedia Commons

Floor count: 39
Roof height: 542 feet

Being a “AAA” two tower office building in Eau Claire, Centennial Place I was built to LEED Gold standards and provides exceptional views of the city.

12. Western Canadian Place North

Floor count: 41
Roof height: 538 feet

Built in 1983, this office building has sleek edges and is considered to be a Class A tower with a BOMA BESt Level 3 certification.

13. TD Canada Trust Tower

Floor count: 40
Roof height: 532 feet

The TD Canada Trust Tower opened in 1991, in the heart of downtown Calgary. It’s close to restaurants, shops and entertainment.

14. Jamieson Place

Floor count: 38
Roof height: 518 feet

Finished construction in 2010, Jamieson Place has unique features on the roof of the building. The building’s height is 518 feet, but if you include the spire on top it actually comes to 558 feet.

15. Scotia Centre

Floor count: 41
Roof height: 509 feet

The Scotia Centre is an office tower with a three level retail complex at its base.

16. Nexen Building

Floor count: 36
Roof height: 499 feet

Constructed in 1982, this 36-storey office building made a significant impact on Calgary’s skyline. The Nexen Building includes a two-storey conference centre building and mixed-garden court space.

17. Two Bow Valley Square

Floor count: 39
Roof height: 469 feet

Bow Valley Square was built in 1974, and is situated in the heart of downtown. Inside it plays host to over 50 shops, services, and restaurants.

18. Dome Tower

Floor count: 30
Roof height: 463 feet

Build in 1977 the dome is mostly an office building but features retail as well and sits opposite to its twin tower, the Home Oil Tower.

19. Shell Centre

Floor count: 33
Roof height: 459 feet

Built in 1977, the Shell Centre offers both office and retail space. The highrise is considered a Class ‘AA’ office tower in the Eau Claire district.

19. Fifth & Fifth Building

Floor count: 34
Roof height: 459 feet

Built in 1980, Fifth & Fifth Building is an office building that includes two levels of retail and services.

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