Take the REDAVID Orchid Oil Challenge - your hair will thank you (CONTEST)

Oct 11 2017, 1:46 am

The struggle to get amazing hair is real, right?

Chances are you’ve tried to tame your tresses multiple times with different oils, but it seems like nothing really works. And you’re left with heavy, almost greasy hair. It sucks.

But we’ve got good news for you.

There’s a new oil on the market that could triumph all others you’ve tested before, and give your hair ultimate vitality – REDAVID Orchid Oil™. If you’re curious or skeptical, you can test it out for free during the Orchid Oil Challenge, and you could even win an epic prize for doing so.

So many mass produced hair oils actually leave a residue on your hair after continued use and you can’t even see it until your hairdresser shows you. It’s insane, and not something you want to see.

However, after using REDAVID Orchid Oil, this actually becomes a thing of the past. You’re probably wondering why. Well, REDAVID has tapped into the rare and unique oil found within the orchid flower, and added it to their brand new collection. This super light, natural oil won’t weigh your hair down. Instead, this elixir brings nourishment to every strand of hair, bathing it in luxury and illuminating it with shine. It maximizes the potential for your hair, so don’t be surprised if people ask you if you’ve just been to the salon after using it.

The amazing benefits of using REDAVID Orchid Oil include:

  • Frizz control.
  • Detangles hair.
  • Adds radiant shine.
  • Makes hair soft and manageable.
  • Restores moisture to normal levels.
  • Protects from heat and UV radiation.
  • Achieves faster blow-outs.
  • Makes hair stronger.

REDAVID wants you to see the benefits for yourself, and that’s why they launched an Orchid Oil Challenge. It’s easy, all you have to do is use REDAVID Orchid Oil™ Treatment and experience the difference in just one use. The best part? If you’re up for the challenge, you may be one of the lucky winners selected each week until December 1.


A complete REDAVID Orchid Oil™ Collection, worth a retail value of $191.


To enter for your chance to win a complete REDAVID Orchid Oil™ Collection, do the following:

1) Get a free REDAVID Orchid Oil™ Treatment sample at http://www.redavidhair.com/take-the-orchid-oil-challenge/
2) Follow @REDAVIDhair on Instagram

Share your results with #OrchidOilChallenge

One winner will be randomly selected per week up until December 1, 2017. Only public social media posts will be eligible.

This contest is being run in accordance with REDAVID’s own rules and regulations. 

REDAVID Salon Products are sulphate-free and paraben-free, so you know you’ll be putting the best into your hair. Additionally, their products are all naturally derived and cruelty-free. You can shop the REDAVID Orchid Oil™ collection at various salon locations across Western Canada, or online at www.redavidhair.com.

For more information, visit REDAVID on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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