Sustainable meal kit delivery service launches in Alberta this month

Sep 16 2021, 9:18 pm

Over the past few years, meal kit services have steadily grown in popularity among busy urbanites and the culinary-curious. Between the expertly curated recipes, the luxuries of skipping grocery day, and the shortened meal prep times, what’s not to love?

With the launch of Fresh Prep, a Canadian meal kit and prepared meals delivery service, there’s a new kit in town — one that delivers fresher ingredients, a more sustainable solution, and a service that’s rooted in supporting the local community.

Now Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer will finally be able to see what all the hype is about.

The company preps, portions, and delivers all the ingredients necessary to enjoy a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less and has a diverse offering filled with sides, snacks, and pre-made meals featuring local products from local suppliers.

Fresh Prep offers a selection of 10 delicious meal offerings each week — including vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate dietary preferences — that are packed in reusable, insulated containers.

“We’re excited to be launching in Alberta, and supporting the local community really matters to us,”  Fresh Prep co-founder and COO, Husein Rahemtulla tells us. “We aspire to make a difference locally. We are a Western Canadian-based company, and proud of that.”

Offering locally sourced, quality ingredients for more compelling value, according to Rahemtulla, is at the heart of the company’s commitment to its customers. Fresh Prep is able to spend more on ingredients than its competitors, resulting in higher quality meals, all while keeping costs to the customer low, through savings on delivery, as they hire their own local fleet of drivers.

As part of the Alberta launch, the Fresh Prep offering will include add-ons from Alberta local businesses — such as MiniKitchen, Raw by Robyn, Pie Junkie, Mountain Rhino and Shef’s Fiery Kitchen — that customers can order alongside their weekly meal kits.

“We also pre-chop ingredients, which is a huge value add that our competitors either do not offer or do at a significantly higher cost,” says Rahemtulla.

Indeed, Fresh Prep’s pre-cut and pre-portioned ingredients mean busy professionals and stretched-thin parents can skip several steps of the cooking process while still enjoying the ultimate comforts and health benefits of a home-cooked meal.

Basically, it means getting to do all the fun parts of cooking and none of the dull, tedious steps.

As the most eco-friendly meal kit in the country, Fresh Prep’s approach to sustainability is refreshingly simple. The Zero Waste Kits — a reusable meal kit container — hold pre-prepped recipe ingredients and are returned each week, along with the reusable bags and ice packs provided.

“When we developed the Zero Waste Kits, we wanted to bring [a sustainable] solution to as many consumers as possible, to make the biggest impact possible,” says Rahemtulla.

For any soft plastics, the company has a no-hassle recycling program for their customers to participate in. These sustainable efforts make it easy for consumers to choose a convenient food solution that has a lower impact on the environment.

To learn more about getting fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your door, visit Pro tip: sign up using the Daily Hive discount code SCHIVE21 to enjoy three free meals.

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