There's snow and rain in the forecast for Calgary this weekend

Mar 20 2019, 4:39 pm

It turns out that Old Man Winter didn’t get the memo that his time here was done.

While Calgary may be showing a sunny and warm first day of spring, the seven-day weather forecast has other plans for YYC.

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According to Environment Canada, Calgarians can expect at least one more day of snow before winter is truly gone for good, along with a splash of rain to start things off… because of course there is.


Calgary weather this week (Environment Canada)

It’s not all bad news on the weekly weather forecast, however, as the next three days are expected to be 18°C and sunny, 16°C and sunny, an 14°C and — surprise — sunny.

Monday and Tuesday will bring the sunshine back next week as well, apparently, with a high of 9°C on the 25th and a high of 12°C on the 26th.

We’re just hoping that the trend continues upward as we head closer to April.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

The Weather Network gauges Sunday’s snowfall to come it at one to three centimetres, while Saturday’s 40% chance of showers will see just two to four mm of rainfall — it’s definitely not nearly as bad as what we faced earlier this year, but that still doesn’t mean we have to like it!

We’ll just keep warm daydreaming about those hot, dry Stampede days that are closing in on the horizon… and suggest you do the same.

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