Here's how much snow you can actually expect in Calgary this week

Jan 7 2020, 8:57 pm

The snow is falling in Calgary, kicking off another week of weather that is expected to blanket the city in frosty white flakes.

And while it’s coming down hard in the Rockies — so much so that Environment Canada has issued a few Snowfall Warnings — Mother Nature is letting us Calgarians off the hook a bit this week, at least as far as snowfall is concerned.

The snow starts on Tuesday (as anyone with a window well knows) and an expected 1 cm will fall before 6 pm tonight, according to The Weather Network.

Flakes will continue to fall into the night, if a little less heavily, with less than 1 cm expected by 6 am Wednesday morning.

Another 1 cm is to fall throughout Wednesday at a 40% chance of precipitation, while Thursday will stand out as the only snowless day in the seven-day forecast.

Friday will see less than 1 cm, and Saturday will be the snowiest day of the entire week, with around 1 to 3 cm falling.

Sunday follows up with around 1 cm, Monday with less than 1 cm, and Tuesday with another 1 cm or so.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

All in all, Calgary can expect around 5 to 10 cm of snowfall throughout the next seven days, though it will all fall sparingly over the course of the entire week.

Still, we doubt that any of it will be melting any time soon, seeing as the city is expected to become a popsicle by this weekend.

Only… 72 more days of winter left, everybody.

Good luck.

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