This new networking app is like Tinder but for finding your dream job

Dec 11 2018, 7:46 am

Searching for a job is never fun, and for some, the thought of having to network with other professionals is anxiety-inducing. But what if meeting the right people to help grow your career could be done with the swipe of a finger?

Enter Shapr, the networking app that makes it easy to meet like-minded individuals. So easy, in fact,Ā that you can do it while on the bus, or even while waiting in line at the supermarket. Why should finding a good job be any harder than finding a bad first date? (It shouldn’t.)


Hereā€™s how Shapr works. All you do is plug in a few interests such as #CreativeWriting or #GraphicDesign, sit back, and let the app do the searching for you. From there, swipe right on people who you’d like to meet (for professional reasons), connect, and if you find a match, simply find a time and place to meet.Ā Way easier and less stressful than handing out a bunch of business cards or sending out cold emails to companies.

No more trolling through a stranger’s LinkedIn page and sending them a friendly (and slightly stalkerish) message. No more handing out your business card during networking events that feel like the Hunger Games. Those days are at an end, and a better future is beginning.


Basically, Shapr is here to help turn your dreams into a reality in four easy steps: swipe, match, chat, meet. Seize the moment and find your dream job,Ā today.

What are you waiting for? Download Shapr today and start swiping.

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