Historical data says Saturday's forecasted snowfall is not rare

Apr 27 2019, 3:49 am

Historical weather data doesn’t lie, but sometimes we wish it would.

The Weather Network has made it clear that quite a bit of snowfall is all but imminent for Calgarians on Saturday, and while the 10-15 cm may feel like cause for concern after a few relatively warm days, we decided to take a look at the past decade to see just how snowy a YYC spring can get.

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Looking at 2019 shows that it has actually been a relatively snow-less April, with just 0.3 cm of snow coming down in the past 26 days. March of this year saw 8.2 cm, and February, We’re sure you all remember, came down hard with a total of 33.8 cm.

But we already know all that, it just happened!

To give the 10-15 cm that is on its way over the next 36 hours *gulp* some context, we need to look at the previous years — and, while we’re at it, get an idea of what we could potentially expect for this May…

According to weatherstats.ca, Aprils in Calgary saw 24.6 cm in 2018, 16.6 cm in 2017, 5.4 cm in 2015, 13.6 cm in 2014, 11.8 cm in 2013, 27.1 cm in 2012, and 58 freaking cm back in 2011. 

It turns out that 2016 was the only year in the past decade that managed to swerve Old Man Winter during the month of April (though that year saw 0.2 cm in May, so he actually had the last laugh… but we’ll get to that).

So, yeah, Calgary actually is, unfortunately, due for a bit more snowfall this month — but does it really have to come all at once?… Apparently so.


Weather Network

Okay, fine, we’ll get our snowboots out for Saturday, but the rest of the week looks pretty okay, right? It’s nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing from here on out, Right?!

Well, taking a look at the historical weather data for May from the last ten years shows that Calgary could actually make it through next month without a single snowflake — if we’re lucky.

As previously mentioned, May 2016 saw a full 0.2 cm of snow come down before summer really showed up, 2015 saw 5.5 cm, 2014 saw 15.6 cm, 2012 saw 12.6 cm, 2010 was hit with 23.2 cm, and 2009 saw just 0.4 cm.


Historical snowfall in Calgary (weatherstats.ca)

However, 2009 was also the last year that Calgary saw snow in June, with 3.8 cm falling before all was finally said and done.

Any other year between 2009 and 2019 that wasn’t mentioned managed to avoid seeing any snowfall, so this year may be just as lucky.

Just… don’t get your hopes up too high, Calgary, because we’re may just be due for another January in June.

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