The Rocky Mountain Motorsports track has begun construction

Sep 23 2020, 5:27 pm

Cruising through Alberta is a treat to any nature lover, but the speed limits and slow trucks leave a little something to be desired.

Those who are looking to go a bit faster will be able to legally do so next summer, once the Rocky Mountain Motorsports Racetrack opens for business.

The track is expected to be available to the public by summer 2021, and construction was started at the end of August.

Those hoping to use the track will either be able to do so during public access hours, or through one of three levels of membership, which allow for exclusive track privileges for a certain number of days per week.

The company is offering a pre-construction discount on memberships, though because construction has begun, the offer will only be available until the end of September.

Public access will include car and motorcycle club rentals, performance driving schools, and public time attack sessions/track days. This will account for about 50% of the available track time, while the other half will be reserved for members.


Rocky Mountain Motorsports Racetrack rendering

Construction began on August 29 by Whissell Contracting Ltd.

The track is located near Carstairs at the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Highway 581, just 20 minutes north of Calgary’s city limits and 120 minutes south of Edmonton.

It’s noted on the website’s FAQs that motorcycles will be allowed on the track, though due to county bylaws there is no drag strip included.


Rocky Mountain Motorsports Racetrack

Those hoping to be among the first to take a lap can sign up for updates at the company’s website.

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