30 purr-fect photos from Calgary's Regal Cat Café

Jul 10 2017, 5:31 pm

Your day is about to get better right meow because we’ve put together the best photos from Calgary’s Regal Cat Café.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit it yet we’ve got you covered.

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Get yourself a cup of coffee and sit through these purry cute pictures.

It could almost seem like you’re there in person… Almost.

Happy first birthday Lunah🎈🎉😸. Thanks for spending it with us @regalcatcafe. #yyccatcafe

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Spending time with Hayden at the #regalcatcafe

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Bandita at @regalcatcafe #yyccatcafe #regalcatcafe #meow

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Kitty fun! Alexis had a blast! #catlove #regalcatcafeyyc #regalcatcafe

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#catsofinstagram #yyc #regalcatcafe #instacat @meowfoundation @regalcatcafe

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The Cat Nanny crew at Regal Cat Cafe!!! So much FUN!!! #regalcatcafe #catcafecalgary #yyccats #meowfoundation

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#regalcatcafe #yyc

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Kittens playing at the cat cafe! #regalcatcafe #cat

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Looks like Max approves of our new office printer 😸❤🤓 #yycpets #gingercats #catonabox

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Happy #cincodemayo from our very unimpressed kitty. #catsinhats 😹😹

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This is Trapeze.. . . . she’s just chillin’ 😹

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The Cat Café is open 9 am to 9 pm every day of the week.

We’re sure these furry cuties are flexible with cuddle time so if these pictures got you feeling ins-purr-ired to head down there – go on meow!

Regal Cat Café

Address: 303- 10th Street NW

Instagram: @regalcatcafe

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