MAX rapid bus lines now running, 59 other transit routes changed (MAP)

Nov 20 2018, 12:48 am

A new bus system has arrived in Calgary, in the form of three new MAX lines.

According to a tweet from the City of Calgary, the MAX lines are now operational as of Monday, November 19, providing Calgarians quicker and easier options for getting around the city.

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The three new lines are colour coded Purple, Teal, and Orange, with the Purple Line taking riders from East Hills to City Centre, the Teal Line providing a lift from Westbrooke to Douglas-Glen, and the Orange Line going from Brentwood to Saddletowne.

The MAX lines are not a straight shot between the two destinations, as they’ll have stops along the way, though the buses will be faster due to the stops being fewer and further between than those of a regular bus route.

rapid bus

MAX Purple line map (Calgary Transit)

The addition of dedicated bus lanes, real-time information displays, more direct connections, and heated shelters have been implemented alongside the MAX lines rollout, and will all work towards improving the comfort of using public transit in the city.

Fares for the MAX will remain the same as taking a regular bus, at $3.30 for a regular adult fare and $10.50 for a day pass.

rapid bus

MAX Teal line map (Calgary Transit)

A fourth MAX line is also in the works to bridge downtown with Woodbine.

Calgarians will be able to tell them apart from regular buses thanks to their unique colour schemes and designations in route names.

rapid bus

MAX Orange line map (Calgary Transit)

Maps, schedules, and rider guides for the new MAX bus routes can be found online at the city’s website.

Changes to existing bus routes have also been implemented and details on those 59 service changes can be found below:

New Routes

  • Route 1 Bowness/Forest Lawn: Serves Bowness, Montgomery, Parkdale, Hillhurst, Downtown, East Village, Inglewood, Forest Lawn and Penbrooke. Changes to routing in Downtown and 17 Avenue SE.
  • Route 8 North Pointe/Foothills Medical Centre: Serves North Pointe, Panorama, Hidden Valley, Shaganappi Trail, Brentwood, University of Calgary, Alberta Children’s Hospital and Foothills Medical Centre. Replaces Route 8 and Route 91.
  • Route 9 Dalhousie/Chinook: Serves Northland Mall, Brentwood, University of Calgary, Foothills Medical Centre, Westbrook Mall, Mount Royal University and Chinook Mall. Extension of Route 9 south of University of Calgary, replacing Route 72/73.
  • Route 19 16th Avenue North: Serves Lions Park Station, 16th Avenue North, Renfrew, Sunridge Way and Rundle Station. Replaces Route 19 east of Lions Park Station, maintaining local service coverage on 16th Avenue North.
  • Route 20 Heritage/Northmount: Serves Huntington, Thorncliffe, Triwood, University of Calgary, Hillhurst, Richmond, Currie, Mount Royal University, Rockyview Hospital, Haysboro, Chinook Park and Heritage. Changes to routing between Brentwood and Bow River.
  • Route 23 52nd Street East: Serves Falconridge Bv, 52nd Street NE, and 52nd Street SE between Saddletowne and McKenzie Towne. Replaces Routes 23, 66, and 176 along the 52 Street corridor.
  • Route 24 Ogden: Serves Downtown, Beltline, Ramsay, Bonnybrook, Lynnwood, Ogden, Riverbend and Quarry Park. Replaces Route 24 on Ogden Road and Route 302 in west Quarry Park.
  • Route 31 Dalhousie/Lions Park: Serves Dalhousie Station, 53rd Street NW, Market Mall, Alberta Children’s Hospital, University of Calgary and Lions Park.  Replaces Route 31 west of Craigie Hall and Route 19 from Craigie Hall to Lions Park.
  • Route 38 Brentwood/Temple: Serves Brentwood Station, Northmount Drive, 40th Avenue NW, 32nd Avenue NE, Whitehorn Station and the communities of Whitehorn and Temple. Replaces the northern corridor of Route 72/73, and a portion of Route 25/38 in Whitehorn and Temple.
  • Route 42 Marlborough/Forest Heights: Serves Marlborough, Marlborough Park, Abbeydale, Penbrooke, Forest Heights, Radisson Heights and Marlborough LRT in a clockwise direction. Replaces Routes 42, 45, and 49.
  • Route 43 McKnight/Chinook: Serves Westwinds, 44th Avenue NE, 36th Street E, Barlow Tr, 76th Avenue SE, Deerfoot Meadows and 58th Avenue SE. Replaces Route 95 and the southern and eastern corridor of Route 72/73 and Route 95.
  • Route 49 Forest Heights/Marlborough: New Route: Serves Marlborough, Marlborough Park, Abbeydale, Penbrooke, Forest Heights, Radisson Heights and Marlborough LRT in a counter-clockwise direction. Replaces Routes 42, 45, and 49.
  • Route 57 Monterey Park/McCall Way: Serves Monterey Park, Temple, Whitehorn, Whitehorn Station, 37 Av NE, McCall Way and the WestJet corporate campus. Replaces Route 57 west of Whitehorn Station, and replaces Routes 25 and 38 in Whitehorn, Temple and Monterey Park.
  • Route 58 Erin Woods/44 Street SE: Serves Erin Woods, Dover, Forest Lawn, Forest Heights, Marlborough and Marlborough LRT.  Replaces Routes 26 & 57.
  • Route 67 Memorial Drive: New Route: Serves Marlborough, Marlborough Park, Abbeydale, Penbrooke, Forest Heights and Marlborough LRT. Replaces part of Route 45.
  • Route 68 68 Street East: Serves Falconridge Bv, 64th Avenue NE, and 68th Street E between Saddletowne and East Hills. Creates a new grid line across the east of the city, anchored by major shopping centres.
  • Route 90 Bridgeland/University of Calgary: Serves Bridgeland, Downtown, Beltline, Sheldon Chumir Centre, Sunalta, Parkdale, Foothills Medical Centre, University Heights, University of Calgary, Alberta Children’s Hospital and University District. Route extension from Sunalta to the University of Calgary.
  • Route 91 Foothills Medical Centre: Serves Foothills Medical Centre and Lions Park Station. Maintains existing Route 91 connection from Lions Park to Foothills Medical Centre.
  • Route 104 Sunnyside/University of Calgary: Serves Sunnyside, Hillhurst, West Hillhurst, Parkdale, Foothills Medical Centre, University Heights and University of Calgary.  Extension of Route 104 to University of Calgary.
  • Route 127 Maryvale/Franklin Industrial: Serves Meridian Industrial, Franklin Industrial, Marlborough and Marlborough Park. Replaces part of Routes 50 & 51, extends Route 127.
  • Route 135 Erinwoods/36th Street SE: New Route: Serves Erin Woods, Dover, Forest Lawn, Radisson Heights, Forest Heights and Marlborough LRT. Replaces Route 57.
  • Route 147 Starfield: New Route: Serves 39th Avenue Station, Highfield, Ogden Road, 50th Avenue SE, 52nd Street SE and Starfield Industrial. Replaces Route 23 on 50th Avenue SE.
  • Route 148 Great Plains: Serves Chinook Station, South Hill Terminal and Great Plains & Foothills Industrial area. Replaces portion of Routes 23 & 409 in Foothills Industrial area and introduces service to Great Plains.
  • Route 149 Point Trotter: Serves South Hill Terminal, 90th Avenue SE and Point Trotter. Replaces portion of Route 23 on 90th Avenue SE and introduces new service to Point Trotter.
  • Route 150 114th Avenue SE: New Route: Serves Anderson Station, Douglas Glen Terminal and East Shepard Industrial area. Replaces Routes 176 and 409 in Shepard Industrial and portions of Routes 23 and 24.
  • Route 155 West Dover/Forest Lawn: New Route: Serves Dover, Southview, Albert Park, Radisson Heights, Franklin LRT, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn and Penbrooke. Replaces Route 26, new service to 8th Avenue SE.
  • Route 302 BRT SE: Serves Downtown, Inglewood, Ramsay, Bonnybrook, Lynnwood, Ogden, Southill, Quarry Park, Douglas Glen, 130th Avenue SE, Prestwick, New Brighton, McKenzie Towne, Copperfield, Auburn Bay, Mahogany, Seton and South Hospital. Changes to route in Quarry Park.
  • Route 305 BRT Bowness/City Centre: Serves Canada Olympic Park, Bowness, Montgomery, Parkdale, Hillhurst and Downtown.  Route no longer serves 17th Avenue SE, new routing downtown.
  • MAX Orange Brentwood – Saddletowne: Serves Westbrook, Mount Royal University, Lincoln Park, Heritage, Deerfoot Meadows, Riverbend, Quarry Park and Douglas Glen. Replaces Route 306, consolidating stations in the west and extending the route to the east.
  • MAX Teal Westbrook – Douglas Glen: Serves Westbrook, Mount Royal University, Lincoln Park, Heritage, Deerfoot Meadows, Riverbend, Quarry Park and Douglas Glen. Replaces Route 306, consolidating stations in the west and extending the route to the east.
  • MAX Purple East Hills – City Centre: Serves Downtown, East Village, Inglewood, Forest Lawn, Applewood and East Hills. New route replacing Route 305 on 17 Avenue SE.

Retired Routes:

  • Route 25: Whitehorn
  • Route 26: Dover
  • Route 45: Abbeydale / Applewood
  • Route 50: Forest Lawn
  • Route 51: Penbrooke
  • Route 66: Blackfoot Express
  • Route 72: Circle Route
  • Route 73: Circle Route
  • Route 95: Westwinds Business Park
  • Route 125: Erin Woods Express
  • Route 126: Applewood Express
  • Route 136: Riverbend
  • Route 176: 52nd Street Express
  • Route 181: MRU North Express
  • Route 182: MRU South Express
  • Route 306: BRT Westbrook/Heritage Station
  • Route 409: Douglas Glen

Routes with adjusted schedules

  • Route 2: Mount Pleasant/Killarney/17 Avenue
  • Route 12: Southwest Loop
  • Route 21: Castleridge
  • Route 33: Vista Heights/Rundle
  • Route 34: Pineridge
  • Route 46: Beddington
  • Route 48: Rundle
  • Route 55: Falconridge
  • Route 93: Coach Hill
  • Route 100: North Pointe/Airport/McKnight
  • Route 105: Dalhousie/Lions Park
  • Route 111: West Springs/Westbrook
  • Route 113: North Ranchlands/Scenic Acres

Details and maps for these routes can be found at the City of Calgary’s website.

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