Eight bizarre and iconic items up for grabs at Ranchman's online auction

Jan 7 2021, 12:29 am

Dust off those boots because Calgary’s iconic Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall is auctioning off everything, from cans of beer to their famous mechanical bull.

The auction, through Edmonton auctioneer Steward Belland Sales, is all done online.  Their website has every item up for sale, including the current high bid, number of bids, and images. It’s not just a fantastic opportunity to snag some cool gear and home furnishings, but a chance to support the local business and say goodbye.

Most of the items (and there are hundreds) are on sale until Tuesday, January 12. Here are just a few of our favourite items up for bid. All bids are as of January 6.

Barnwood Mixing Station

Current bid: $50

Can you even imagine the stories a Ranchman’s bar top could tell? Maybe you’ve even sipped (or spilt) a drink on this exact one yourself. If you’re in any kind of situation to add a bar top you your home, you won’t find one more battle tested than these ones.

Budweiser Picnic Table

Current bid: $55

There are nine picnic tables to choose from — four red Budweiser and five blue Corona. Not only are these perfect patio furniture, but will be a fun talking point when summer BBQ’s with friends comes back.

76-variety pack of Palm Bay

Current bid: $67

The Ranchman auction has great deals on literally thousands of cans of beverages. There’s 72 cans of Monster Energy Drink available, currently bidding at just over $1 a can. There’s cases of Corona, Strongbow, Kokanee, and more. It’s difficult to say when one might need 76 cans of Palm Bay, but the time will come.

Ranchman’s Football Jersey

Current bid: $170

Someone must know the story behind these Ranchman’s football jerseys. They could have been designed for a Grey Cup party, a Super Bowl party, or even one of their staff parties. Whatever the case, there are extras up for grabs, and are proving popular with over 22 bids already.

Two Jägermeister Coolers

Current bid: $180

What’s better than one really cool Jägermeister mini-fridge? Two of them! Keep both, keep one and sell the second to break even, or have it ready for the perfect anniversary gift. You’ve (probably) always wanted a mini-fridge — and now’s your chance.

The Hydraulic Bull

Current bid: $775

The hydraulic rodeo bull, made famous at so many Stampedes, belongs in the Calgary Hall of Fame. At the click of a mouse — and a higher bid than $775 — this animatronic legend can live forever in your living room. It comes complete with the air fan and control panel, so get ridin!

1995 Oshkosh Party Bus

Current bid: $1,150

Long ago Ranchmans turned this prison bus into an iconic party bus. You’ve probably seen it at some point, cruising down 17th Avenue — maybe you were even on it. It needs a little love, but nows your chance to own it. Imagine driving to work in this thing.

Smoke Shack

Smoke Shack/Ranchmans

Current bid: $2,100

Calgarians love their BBQ, and this is the chance to make it the best way possible. Whether a restaurant or the neighbourhood grill master picks this unit up, it’s going to make a lot of people very happy. Included is a smoker, smoke trailer, and catering shack,

Like so many other closed Calgary bars and restaurants in 2020, the closure of the iconic Ranchmans on Macleod Trail was a sad blow to the city. This auction is a way the spirit of the bar can live on — right in your own home!

All bidders will have the opportunity to see the items in-person at Ranchman’s on Friday, January 8. Lucky winners will have to pick up their new possessions one week later, on Friday, January 15.

Check out the auction’s site to see it all and place your first bid.

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