5 moments from ‘Pretty Woman’ to get you excited about the huge Broadway musical

Feb 6 2023, 4:00 pm

If you thought you weren’t going to the theatre this year, you’ve made a big mistake. Big. Huge.

Based on one of the most iconic romantic comedies of the early 90s, Pretty Woman: The Musical is going on tour across Western Canada, with stops in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton from late March to April, 2023.

The musical not only features a book written by the original screenplay writer and director, J. F. Lawton and Garry Marshall, but an original score composed by the Grammy award-winning duo that brought you hits like “Heaven” and “Summer of ’69”: Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams.

To help you get excited about this Broadway event, we’ve rounded up the best moments from the movie you can hope to see on stage during Pretty Woman: The Musical.

The meet-cute

Pretty Woman the Musical

Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade/Broadway Across Canada

Every good love story has to start somewhere, and ours starts on Hollywood Boulevard, where Vivian helps a clueless Richard get back to his hotel. Their instant chemistry helped hook us into their relationship, with signature quips like, “I can do anything I want to, baby. I ain’t lost.”

Fun fact: Vivan’s signature red coat, which she wears during her first encounter with Richard and throughout the beginning of the movie, was purchased from a movie usher in the street shortly before filming for $30.

Who knows what would’ve happened if Kit Deluca hadn’t let Vivian get to Richard first on Hollywood Boulevard, but we’re thankful she let Vivan have this one.

Vivian’s shopping spree

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade/Broadway Across Canada

Containing probably one of the most quoted lines from the film, getting to see Vivian come back to the fancy Rodeo drive boutique that refused her service only to rub her new look in their faces is worth the price of the ticket alone.

In fact, this moment is put into song by Adams and Vallance as the act one closer, “You’re Beautiful.” Having the moment perfectly underscored helps this moment pack an even greater punch than in the movie.

Edward snapping the necklace box shut

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade/Broadway Across Canada

Let’s be real, we’d all love a man who looks at us the way Edward looks at Vivian, and we definitely want to borrow that dazzling necklace.

That movie moment where Edward shuts the box on Vivian wasn’t actually in the original script, it was improvised by Richard Gear. Julia Roberts’ reaction was so good, it made for one of the most memorable moments between the couple in the movie — and in the musical.

Also in the movie, the necklace wasn’t a prop and was actually worth what Edward claimed — a quarter of a million dollars. The film actually had to hire extra security, but don’t get any bright ideas, the one in the musical is actually a prop.

A night at the opera

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade/Broadway Across Canada

After Vivian gets her necklace, Edward takes her to the opera, La Traviata, which brings her to tears and pushes Edward to fall in love with her just a little more.

Adam and Vallance were able to capture this moment and integrate the opera into this act two song “You and I,” where Edward’s starting to realize this relationship is going to last longer than he initially paid for. It’s so good, you’ll almost pee a little.

The moment they rescue each other

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade/Broadway Across Canada

What’s a 90s rom-com without a big romantic gesture that results in the main couple ending up together? A boring one, that’s for sure.

The moment when Edward comes rushing to Vivian’s apartment in his limo, bouquet in hand, and suavely pulls down the fire escape ladder with his umbrella to meet her at her top-floor apartment — it’s the best — and he rescues her, but she rescues him right back.

It’s a fitting, playful end to a fantastic movie, with Adams and Vallance closing the musical with a recreation of it in the final song of the musical, “Together Forever.” We’re not crying, you are!

To secure your tickets to Pretty Woman: The Musical for shows in Vancouver (March 29 to April 2),  Calgary (April 4 to April 9) and Edmonton (April 11 to April 16), visit Broadway Across Canada’s website.

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