Nearly 70% of Canadian support pot legalization: survey

Dec 19 2017, 11:21 am

Puff, puff, pass, Canada.

A new survey from the Angus Reid Institute says nearly 70% of Canadians support marijuana legalization, but they don’t see it as a national priority. More than half – 54% – say it’s one of the least important issues facing the country, compared to 19% who think it’s the most important.

Despite the fact that Canadians aren’t in any rush to legalize marijuana, most (64%) think it will do more good than harm to get rid of the ban on pot. However, 41% worry that it might be a little too readily available and think it should be tightly regulated by the government.

Additionally, 51% of Canadians think that legalization will make pot more accessible to children. Those who are firmly in the anti-legalization camp believe pot is a gateway drug (83%) and will create more apathetic youth (82%).

As far as distribution goes, two in three Canadians say selling marijuana at a provincial liquor store is a fine idea. In general, selling pot through government run agencies or specially licensed dispensaries are the most popular options for Canadians.

When it comes to tax revenues, Canadians have dollar signs in their eyes. Around 85% believe revenues will go up following legalization of pot, and a study from CIBC suggests it could be a $5 billion-per-year industry.

Unsurprisingly, B.C. residents are the most supportive of legalization, with more than 80% saying to lift the ban, and 27% saying it’s the most important issue facing Canada today.

For the full survey, click here.

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