Portable Electric's charging station at the Calgary Stampede

Jul 12 2016, 9:20 pm

We all know the feeling. The gut wrenching, panic stricken, what will I do feeling when you see the low battery warning flashing at you on your phone.

Portable Electric has brought their pollution-free and off-the-grid phone charging station to the Calgary Stampede this year. A clean alternative to a diesel generator, the power stations can be rented for venues that need electricity where there is not place to plug into.

Image: Courtesy of Fresh PR

Image: Courtesy of Fresh PR

Created by Vancouverite, Mark Rabin, the idea was formed because of his desire to provide pollution-free electricity to those beyond the reach of an extension cord. Rabin is a trained professional geologist with a Masters of Science and a Masters of Business Administration with a speciality in energy innovation.

The smaller unit, the VoltStack Mini, will run a party sound system for 20 hours straight. Its big brother, the VoltStack Boss, will energize a whole film set: Lights, cameras, the works. In essence, it’s a powerful EV-grade rechargeable battery designed and manufactured in British Columbia.

You can find the charging station at the McDonald Bridge entrance to the Stampede, off the bike path in Ramsey.