39 Pokémon GO Calgary locations to catch 'em all

Jul 19 2016, 12:39 pm

Pokémon GO has taken over many lives around the world, and if you’re looking to catch ’em all, you’ll need to know where to look.

We’ve scoured the web to compile a list of places to find Pokémon in Calgary, one that’s much larger than our initial list. Here are 39 places for Pokémon GO in Calgary.

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Pokemon Go Calgary locations

Pokemon sightings in Calgary

  1. East Bowmont Park
  2. Brentwood University city
  3. Brentwood Area
  4. Silver Springs Community
  5. Aspen Woods Community
  6. Pineridge
  7. Point McKay Edworthy Park
  8. AppleWood Community
  9. East Village
  10. Downtown Core
  11. King’s Heights
  12. Sierra Springs
  13. Nose Creek Park
  14. Taradale
  15. Mission
  16. Monterey Park
  17. Saddle Ridge
  18. Rundle

Pokemon Go Lure Spots in Calgary (including double and triple lures)

  1. Shaw Millennium Park Triple Lure
  2. Prince’s Island Gateway Double Lure
  3. Prince’s Island Playground Double Lure
  4. Centre Street Bridge Double Lure
  5. West Eau Claire Pathway Double Lure
  6. 8th Ave SW Double Lure
  7. Village Square Double Lure
  8. Bay Shore Glenmore Park Double Lure
  9. Glenmore Double Lure
  10. Poppy Plaza Double Lure
  11. Foothills Hospital Double Lure
  12. Research Park Triple Lure +
  13. Copperfield Triple Lure
  14. Prestwick Double Lure
  15. Inverness Double Lure
  16. Harry Hotchkiss Gardens Triple Lure
  17. Prestwick Churches Double Lure
  18. Shawnessy Double Lure
  19. Bow Valley Ranch Triple Lure
  20. Nose Creek Double Lure
  21. Connaught Park Triple Lure +
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