Pokémon GO advice issued by Calgary Police

Jul 19 2016, 11:34 pm

Even the Calgary Police have gotta catch ’em all it seems… at least if a recent tongue-in-cheek Facebook post about Pokémon GO is anything to go by.

“In the past couple of days, staff members at Calgary Police Headquarters began reporting a presence of suspicious creatures and shadowy figures lurking along the corridors,” reads the post.

“Constable Mark Smith initiated an investigation and found the culprits to be a Psyduck and a Weedle. The ‪#‎Psyduck‬ was safely captured into a Poké Ball but ‪#‎Weedle‬ managed to escape and is still on the loose.”

There’s also a pretty awesome photo of Const. Smith (embedded in full below) proudly holding the Psyduck in custody. Should we tell him the Weedle is right behind him?

Of course, the post is an attempt to lure Pokémon players into reading some safety tips, after Calgary Police had to respond to calls involving Pokémon trainers.

So, according to Calgary Police, if you ‪#‎GottaCatchEmAll‬, please heed these safety messages:

  • Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings in the real world.
  • Don’t jaywalk and when legally crossing the street, be vigilant of traffic and other pedestrians.
  • Don’t trespass on private property while playing the app.
  • Be aware of your surroundings where other people may be looking for opportunities to commit a crime.
  • Be cognizant when searching for Pokémon around residential areas and respectful of residents.
  • If threatened by other persons, try to leave the area and call 9-1-1.
  • Don’t drive while using the app.
  • (Parents) Talk to your children and remind them about their personal safety.
  • Be cautious about accepting private Pokémon transportation offers from strangers and understand the risks involved.
  • It’s never worth breaking the law, even to catch a Pokemon.

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