Peyto Lake closed for Summer 2020 due to day-use area improvements

Feb 25 2020, 1:49 pm

Peyto Lake is a gorgeous staple in Banff National Park, and it’s about to get even better for would-be visitors.

The Government of Canada is putting nearly $3 million towards improvements to the lake’s day-use area, though that also means that the area will be closed until construction is completed, which won’t be until late 2020 according to a Parks Canada release.

Adventurers are unfortunately barred from visiting the area until then, with barriers having been erected to ensure visitor safety and environmental protections.

A short construction season and lengthy winters have been cited as causes for the full closure in the release, as it “will allow the project to proceed more efficiently to help minimize longer-term impacts to visitors.”

The work includes improvements to the parking lots, restrooms, and trails of the day-use area, as well as an expansion of the viewing platform that will ideally keep visitors away from sensitive ecological zones and improve accessibility.

Updates are being made at the Parks Canada website, which currently shows a warning that the old viewing platform has been completely removed.

“The Peyto Lake viewing platform deck has been removed and only the pilings and joists remain. Due to these invisible hazards buried under snow, the viewpoint is closed. Barriers have been erected for safety and it is dangerous to enter this closed area.”

So please do not attempt to disregard the signs and access the area, because no view (or photo) is worth that risk.