10 oldest restaurants in Calgary

Jan 4 2017, 4:18 am

The food and drink industry can be a fickle one, so if a restaurant is able to operate for a decade or two, or even three – you know they’re doing something very, very right.

Defined by tradition and excellent service, there are a handful of spots in YYC that have stood the test of time and been able to keep their loyal guests coming back for an impressive amount of time.

Many of these spots are considered institutions in the city, so if you haven’t tried them yet, you definitely need to.

Here are 10 of the oldest restaurants in Calgary.

1. Hy’s Steakhouse

Established in 1955 by entrepreneur Hy Aisenstat, Hy’s Steakhouse has been providing YYC with quality steaks for 62 years. With locations in Winnipeg, Whistler, Toronto, and Vancouver, this spot has clearly mastered the recipe for a long-lasting streakhouse – perfectly-cooked meat and chilled martinis.

Address: The Core, 8th Avenue and 3rd Street

Address: 407 8th Avenue SW

Instagram: @hyssteakhouse

2. Peter’s Drive-In

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Peter’s Drive-In has been “The Drive-In You Can’t Drive By” since it opened in 1964. With one of the city’s best burgers (including a top-secret Peter’s special sauce), buckets of onion rings and fries, milkshakes, and a delightfully nostalgic look and feel, we’re not surprised Peter’s is still a Calgary favourite.

Address: 219 – 16th Avenue NE
Instagram: @petersdrivein

3. Silver Dragon Restaurant

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Silver Dragon opened back in 1966 to serve elegant Chinese food and it has been continuing to do so ever since. Dine-in or order out – just make sure you try the Dragon’s famous ginger beef, Peking duck, fresh lobster, and crab.

Address: 106 3rd Avenue SE
Facebook: Silver Dragon Restaurant

4. Smuggler’s Inn Restaurant

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While this spot’s name wasn’t always the Smuggler’s Inn, the restaurant has been around since 1967 serving Alberta-raised prime rib and steaks in a casual, rustic dining atmosphere. Burgers, steak, and hearty dishes like jambalaya and pot roast are on this menu, and you can always expect Smuggler’s famous soup and salad bar with your entree.

Address: 6920 Macleod Trail South
Instagram: @smugglers_inn

5. Caesar’s Steakhouse

Caesar’s Steakhouse has been around since 1972 – that’s 45 years’ worth of steak, wine, and top-notch service. With their quality Alberta Beef, classic over-the-top red and gold decor, and the option for the Emperor’s size cocktail (a full three ounces), Caesar’s remains one of the best places to head for a special occasion dinner when living big is the first thing on the menu.

Address: 512 4th Avenue SW

Adress: 110 10816 Macleod Trail SE

Instagram: @caesarssteak

6. Silver Inn Restaurant

The Silver Inn has been offering offering original Peking-style cuisine since 1975. The Inn has everything from ginger beef, to hot and sour soup, to grilled pork dumplings – the selection is wide and the cuisine is delicious, which is why the restaurant is still busy in 2017.

Address: 2702 Centre Street N
Facebook: Silver Inn Restaurant

7. Osteria Chef’s Table

Formally Osteria de Medici, Osteria Chef’s Table is still offering an authentic Italian fine dining experience for patrons in the heart of Kensington since 1976. Guests have been enjoying classic Italian dishes and unique daily specials too.

Address: 201 10th Street NW
Instagram: @osteriachefstableyyc

8. La Chaumière

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La Chaumière has been serving old world french cuisine since 1978. This spot also boasts a wine cellar with over 800 vintages from around the world, so we’re not surprised that business has been consistent for 39 years.

Address: 139 17th Avenue SW
Facebook: La Chaumière Restaurant

9. Nick’s Steakhouse

The Petros family opened Nick’s Steakhouse & Pizza back in 1979, and they’ve been serving classics like steak, pizza, and burgers ever since. For generations Nick’s has been a go-to for home-cooked hearty meals served the way your mom used to do it. This spot still looks straight out of the 70s, but the food here hits the spot in every decade.

Address: 2430 Crowchild Trail NW
Instagram: @nickssteakhouse

10. Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro

Divino first opened in 1984 as a small 30-seat restaurant, since then it has relocated to Stephen Avenue and now you can find it in the Wine and Spirits  building. The bistro features a menu of local dishes and a variety of cheeses all over the globe.

Address: 113 8th Avenue SW
Instagram: @divino_bistro

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