New company offering glamping under the Alberta skies

Jul 12 2021, 7:39 pm

This new company is offering a glamping experience with loved ones under the Alberta skies.

Meska Outdoors is making the outdoors comfortable for everyone – whether they consider themselves to be “outdoorsy” or not.

Gavin Stuart, founder of Meska Outdoors, had his idea in mind for a while but got the push to start putting it into action when he was laid off due to COVID-19.

“When I was a kid growing up in Alberta, we were outside all the time, but I never considered myself an outdoorsy person,” he said.

He later had the idea for people who still enjoy being outside to make memories and spend time together despite not being “a backcountry person.”

“We’re trying to grow that demographic of people who enjoy our outdoor spaces in Alberta and Canada in general… You don’t need to be an expert and you don’t need to be hardcore in order to enjoy a game,” Stuart said.

Meska Outdoors is currently offering family-friendly, pet-friendly, and turnkey camping for those looking for a summer adventure.

Each tent includes a queen-sized bed, linens, towels, soap, dishware, picnic table, fire pit, deck chairs, and even a free kid cot. You’ll also have shared access to excellently maintained running water bathrooms, showers, and a dishwashing facility.

“You get to get out and enjoy yourself, enjoy being outside [with] family time, [and the] mental health benefits of that, without all the stress and work that goes into preparation,” said Stuart.


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One of the unique aspects of their business is the location, which is based in Black Diamond campgrounds, Alberta — a short drive from Calgary.

“We don’t see a whole lot of [this] in Alberta, and we’re going through a generational shift,” he said.

“Glamping, when I was a kid, was a trailer, it was an RV … this kind of thing is again, saying you don’t have to have a trailer to camp comfortably.”

Additionally, Meska Outdoors is aligning its values with the community to pursue a “win-win situation with everyone in the area.”

“It’s not just here we are, come and visit us. It’s more how do we integrate with all sorts of other businesses and parts of the community that are here,” said Stuart.

In fact, they are carrying some products on consignment to use in their tents, and people can also purchase full-versions like coffee. They are also partnering up with other businesses for experiences like paddleboard lessons, bike rentals, and sustainable farm tours.

“I’m trying to explore … how we do outdoor tourism sustainably going forward.”


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As the business progresses, they aim to add more features like being able to purchase tents, offering quality goods, outdoor experience adventures, and eventually expand to other parts of Canada.

“We are asking for [the community’s] support in order to be able to grow this into something, like some of those other ideas for next year,” he said.

Make sure to check their website, Instagram, and Facebook for more information and booking details.

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