14 Netflix TV series you can binge watch alone this Valentine's Day

Dec 19 2017, 11:07 am

When we think of February, one of the first things that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day, and while it holds the potential to be one of the most romantic days of the year for some, it can be the exact opposite for many.

Luckily for you lonely souls, we’ve compiled a list of Netflix series that you can watch until you pass out covered in the chocolate you bought for yourself, and also reasons on why you should binge watch them.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Don’t even try to tell us you weren’t excited when you saw this series was Netflix-able. Not only do you know every word of the theme song, but the nostalgia mixed with heartfelt life lessons will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.


You can’t go wrong re-watching this classic. As of a year ago, Netflix released all 10 seasons for your watching pleasures. In case you’ve been deprived of all things good and have never watched Friends before, the relationship dynamics are relatable for anyone struggling with their work, love, and friendships. These six will always be there for you.


[youtube id=”69P6LZzjp2U”]

What better way to forget about a Hallmark Holiday than to explore the world? Follow two best friends as they conquer the globe one country at a time. This docu-series depicts the adventures of Canadians Justin Lukach and Scott Wilson as they immerse themselves in cultures all around the world. From Muay Thai competitions in Thailand to exploring caves in Brazil, these two guys keep a very open mind while delving into all kinds of new experiences.

How to Get Away With Murder

[youtube id=”dkb-aBaxkVk”]

Perhaps this is a good choice for people who had a nasty break up. While Netflix only has the first season (the second is currently being aired), this crime series is totally addicting. The flashbacks can get a little confusing, but by the end it all makes sense. There’s no shortage of hook ups and shady secrets to keep you interested, not to mention the entire cast is extremely good looking.

Master of None

[youtube id=”6bFvb3WKISk”]

If you haven’t watched Aziz Ansari’s made-for-Netflix series yet, you need to. Ansari’s witty and lovable character Dev struggles to find his ground as a full time actor, as well as landing a girlfriend. With only one season out so far, I can’t wait for the next one to start. And lets face it, a 4.5 rating doesn’t lie.

The Mindy Project

Mindy is all about the independent woman. She’s a single OBGYN working and living in New York, and while she may not have the best luck in love, her sassy attitude and modern outlook on life doesn’t leave her too down. This medical sitcom isn’t what you expect, the hilarious jokes and charming characters will have you hooked in no time.

American Horror Story

[youtube id=”2cFhUp_2N00″]

In case you’re in the mood to be scared out of your loveless slump this Valentine’s Day, AHS is definitely for you. With each season having a different theme but mostly the same cast playing different characters, you’ll be amazed at the actors’s versatility, as well as how gruesome some scenes are. Hard to believe this series is created by the same people that brought you Glee.


[youtube id=”U7elNhHwgBU”]

Based on the real-life events of drug king pin Pablo Escobar, season one of Narcos chronicles everything from how Escobar got into the cocaine business to when he escaped from prison. Told from the view point of a DEA agent that was working in Colombia at the time of Escobar’s prime, you learn how vital he was to the world’s drug trade. Be prepared to read a lot of subtitles as a majority of the series is in Spanish.

Gilmore Girls

Why You Should Binge: Now that they’ve officially been picked up by Netflix for a reboot, its a great time to re-watch (or start) this series. This heartwarming story about a single teen mom who is raising her now-teenaged daughter depicts how they are growing up together and always have each other to lean on, through all life’s tribulations. You most likely won’t get through all seven seasons in one night, but why not start?

New Girl

[youtube id=”h8Hfph2wXIY”]

We all have that friend who’s been cheated on, or maybe it’s you. Whoever it is, hopefully they’ve had great friends to fall back on, or in this case, moved in with strangers and made new friends. Jess may be the only girl in the mix in an apartment with three guys, but every man cave needs a quirky feminine touch.

Family Guy

Is there a better way to distract a lonely heart than with Seth McFarlane’s inappropriate jokes? If there is one (besides maybe pizza), then we don’t know what it is. Let’s face it, the older seasons are funnier anyways, and Netflix has everything from seasons one through 12.

Walking Dead

Since a zombie apocalypse is all together possible, watching this show might actually come in handy one day. Don’t worry if you’re not huge into zombies, this show will capture you in so many different ways. And it turns out love is still possible in a post-apocalyptic world, so don’t worry too much about that bad date that didn’t call you back.

Breaking Bad

[youtube id=”HhesaQXLuRY”]

You may have somehow managed to avoid all the hype that’s been surrounding this show in the last three years, and if you have, we have no idea how. While many people would do whatever it takes to take care of their family, this takes it to a whole new level. Watching the evolution of a high school chemistry teacher turning to a full-blown drug lord is mesmerizing, and most of the time you can’t decide if you love or hate Walter White. Watch it so you can decide for yourself.

Law & Order: SVU

If you’re into crime/law shows, this one’s a classic. While there’s only seasons 13 through 16 on Netflix, that’s more than enough to get you start. Not to mention you’ll probably feel better about being alone after being reminded of how many creeps are out there.

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