NDP's 'Ryan' and UCP's 'Mary' won't stop texting Albertans

Mar 12 2019, 4:06 pm

At this point it’s probably easier to ask who hasn’t gotten the now infamous text messages from Mary or Ryan.

Albertans’ phones have been bombarded with robo-messages from the provinces two biggest political parties as we head closer to the yet-to-be-called provincial election.

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The United Conservative Party (UCP) has been sending out a mass message from someone claiming to be “Mary,” asking the recipient who they plan to vote for later this spring.

Many Albertans have tried asking Mary a question in response, though are only met with a prompt to give their postal code to the seemingly-robotic texter.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has been doing something similar, though instead of asking which party the person plans on supporting, he’s actually asking whether or not they support Rachel Notley’s Caucus.

While Ryan does not ask for any postal codes, he has been equally as silent in answering questions brought up by constituents that he (or those who programmed him) has prompted with his initial question.

One Twitter user, Rob (aka @leaningcowboy), actually received a response by asking about UCP’s Mary, though the reply came from a person named Cody on Ryan’s behalf:

Some people have voiced their annoyance at the text bots over Twitter, while others have been having a bit of fun knowing that their response likely wouldn’t be read or responded to:

Mary from the UCP has even gotten her own (fan-made) Twitter account, with her bio reading “Generically-named sender of unsolicited texts. Totally a real person.”

It appears that Mary may have been replaced with Lisa, and at least one instance of a Sarah, but we’ve been assured that Mary has not, in fact, been fired.

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