Naaco Truck ends run for good with one last bash

Aug 26 2016, 5:03 pm

The Naaco Truck is among the legendary in Calgary. Among the trailblazing early-adapters of the food truck craze, and representing a brilliant hybrid of cuisines, founders and married couple Aman Adatia and Stephanie Shields have spent the last five years serving up their signature colourful meld of Indian food meets the uber portable taco.

Sadly, The Naaco Truck announced earlier this month that the time had come to park the truck for good.

In a heartfelt follow-up revelation, Adatia detailed his wife’s long-running battle with cancer, and its recent return. Sharing their storing on the crowdfunding site YouCaring, Adatia chronicles Stephanie’s first diagnosis of Stage IIb, Grade III, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, to her right breast and 1 lymph node in August 2014, right ahead of the couple’s nuptials.

They went ahead with the wedding, and her cancer treatment. However, in May of this year, Stephanie was diagnosed with Stage IV, Metastatic Breast Cancer. ” For those of you who may not know, metastases are where the primary cancer (breast) has spread to other areas of the body. Essentially, Steph has Breast Cancer in her liver & bones,” Adatia writes.

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Because they are small business owners, Adatia and Shields have been facing the expenses for her care and treatment not covered by Blue Cross and Alberta Healthcare, and they have set up the fundraising campaign to help them out.

Calgary is rallying around the couple, having donated over $43,000 to date, and many are expected to head out August 26, (today) for the Naaco Truck’s last event. This “One Last Naaco Love Bash” takes place at Village Ice Cream on 10th Avenue starting at 11 am until they sell out, with $5 per item pricing. And this is really it for the Naaco Truck: “once we’re done – we’re done – no hidden stock!” they quip on Instagram.