11 must-try pizza places in Calgary

Feb 9 2017, 7:24 pm

By Milena Petrovic

For those of you that crave to hold the handle of a crispy dough crust or feel the warmth of a pizza box on your lap and will have it after midnight, you are a true ‘za lover.

If your relationship with pizza makes you extra cheesy as you can openly confess to loving all of its curves and edges, this list will make you feel as if John Legend is serenading you.

Here are 11 must-try pizza places in Calgary.

Una Pizza + Wine

This bustling joint makes Californian-style thin crusts topped with fine gooey cheeses, fresh veggies and spiced meats. With a wide variety of wines to sip along with your slice, it’ll be hard to leave if you’re lucky to get a seat. It’s worth the wait but if your hunger has you getting hangry, grab takeaway and know that every little thing will be all right.

Address: 618 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @unacalgary

Pizzeria Gaga

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After you visit this spot once, you’ll become a regular. The Signora Gaga pizza will make you sing rah, rah ,oh la, la with each bite of its crispy crust piled with plenty of mozza, spinach, olives, prosciutto along with bocconcini and sweet figs.

Address: 1236 12 Avenue SW
Instagram: @gagapizzeria

The Village Flatbread Co.

Village brings the YYC community together with their rustic, hearty flatbreads that cater to all Calgarians offering gluten-free, halal, many dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan options. They use seasonal ingredients and plenty of creativity in every detail—from naming their pizzas after YYC’s neighbourhoods to thinking outside of the box with toppings like carrot and beetroot slaw, marinated chickpeas and chimichurri or squash hummus as base sauces.

Address: 2511 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @myvillageyyc

Without Papers

For those of you who want dessert pizza after pizza, this is the place to go. Order up the Baby Doll—made with tomato sauce, roasted chicken, artichokes, sun-dried tomato, eggplant, asiago and fresh mozza—with a Sweet Julie for dessert. The cinnamon ricotta, Nutella and banana flatbread will keep your pizza heart sweet and pumping.

Address: 1216 9 Avenue SE
Instagram: @woppapers


Feeling for something savoury and sweet? You’ve got to try the pear pizza made with gorgonzola dolce, crushed walnuts, black pepper and drizzled with honey.

Address: 1012 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @cibocalgary


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This vibrant, modern all Italian fare restaurant serves up decked out doughs that’ll make you wish you could hit a pizza refill button for. You can’t make a bad decision by choosing anything from their 12 rosso and bianca based options. Their melanzana pizza made with eggplant, mozzarella, semi-dried tomatos and roasted garlic confit garnished with fresh basil and thinly sliced parmigiano is a must-have.

Address: 101 2207 4 Street SW
Instagram: @eatbocce

LDV Pizza Bar

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For all the vegetarians out there, this place has a veg pizza that must have been made by the green gods. The thin crust dough is coated with an in-house made tomato sauce and creamy fiore di latte cheese topped with cherry tomatoes along with roasted eggplant and zucchini.

Address: 916 1 Avenue NE

Lorenzo’s Pizzeria

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The delivery guy might become your new BFF. For those nights where you’ve settled in your sweatpants and are craving to bite into a slice, Lorenzo’s can complete your comfort with their pizza. With toppings like kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, fontina and asiago cheeses, Lorenzo’s proves that they deliver deliciousness. Choose from thin or thick crust.

Address: 515 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @lorenzospizzeria


Pulcinella’s is consistently rolling in the fresh dough with over 20 different Neapolitan-style pizza options to choose from. Gluten-free and vegetarian options also available.

Address: 1147 Kensington Crescent NW


This place basically tops their pizzas with farmer’s market goods. You’ll find a vegetarian’s nightmare—a thin crust stacked with calabrese, salami, sausage and smoked pancetta. If you’d like to nap after you eat, have the carb coma-inducer that might be on a thin crust but is balanced with sliced potato topped with leeks, smoked pancetta and crème fraiche.

Address: 1014 8 Street SW
Instagram: @postocalgary

Double Zero

These Neapolitan-style thin crusts are crisped enough to hold generous handfuls of ingredients. For those of you wishing breakfast was served on a pizza, you have to try their bacon and egg ‘za made with double smoked bacon, roasted garlic, swiss chard and fruilano with an egg cracked on top sprinkled with a pinch of black pepper.

Address: 751 4 Street SW
Address: 6455 Macleod Trail SW
Instagram: @doublezeropizza

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