McDonald's Canada launching new Siakam Swirl McFlurry

Feb 14 2023, 7:23 pm

Toronto Raptor Pascal Siakam and McDonald’s Canada are launching a new McFlurry flavour: theĀ Siakam Swirl McFlurry.

Inspired by Siakam’s iconic spin move and the Raptor’s team colours, this new flavour is made with vanilla soft serve, hot fudge, and crushed red Smarties.

This limited-time-only (starting February 14) McFlurry flavour will only be available at participating restaurants in Ontario, but with any luck, it’ll come to other Canadian cities in the future. Maybe a Raptors run at the playoffs is all we need for that to happen.

“I have been a fan of McDonald’s since my first bite, and the McFlurry was actually the first menu item I’d ever tasted,” said Siakam in a press release.

“To now have my own McFlurry flavour is wild! The Siakam Swirl McFlurry combines all my favourite flavours into one. I love that it represents Raptors colours, my signature swirl move and is a product with Canadian roots,” he added.

This exciting NBA, Toronto, and food news comes right after the announcement of theĀ NBA Courtside Restaurant, opening sometime in the spring of 2023 in the heart of Toronto. It’s a first for the league and will feature basketball-inspired art and decor and an exclusive retail space for the NBA store, as well as indoor, outdoor, and private dining.


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“Partnering with Pascal was a natural fit for McDonald’s Canada,” said Chuck Coolen, Eastern Canada Marketing Lead, McDonald’s Canada, in the release.

“From his first experience with McDonald’s, to both the McFlurry and Toronto Raptors being Canadian-made and our ongoing partnership with the team ā€“ all signs pointed to Pascal.”

“From the new Power of 3’s initiative, to the fan favourite Beyond the Arch program,Ā  to the new Siakam Swirl McFlurry, weā€™re constantly looking for new ways to help fans enjoy their Raptorsā€™ experience,” he added.

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