Legalization of marijuana backed by 62% of Canadians: study (POLL)

Oct 18 2016, 6:04 pm

Most Canadians back legal cannabis, but aren’t sure where they want to buy it, according to a new poll by Insights West.

The progressive research company conducted the online survey between September 30 and October 4, surveying 1,033 Canadians about marijuana.

The poll found 62% of respondents supported the legalization of weed, while 31% were opposed.

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Unsurprisingly, those polled who have actually smoked pot more than once were most in favour of legalization, with 94% backing making the high legal.

However, when asked to qualify that legalization, only 37% of all those polled thought pot should be fully legal, while 32% said it should just be available for medical purposes.

Some 18% wanted to see it decriminalized, but otherwise left alone. Only 9% of respondents wanted to see marijuana to be fully illegal.

Where to buy our weed?

According to the Insights West poll, 51% of respondents who are casual or regular pot smokers claim to get their fix “from a friend.”

Meanwhile, some 14% of marijuana users apparently rely on dispensaries, and 4% grow the green themselves.

More than half of pot smokers, 57%, said they would abandon their usual source if marijuana was legalized and just buy it at a licensed store.

But when it comes to where legal pot should sold, it seems, most Canadians are conflicted.

The poll found 36% thought pot should be available only in stores designed specifically for that purpose, while 29% thought it should be sold in drugstores and pharmacies.

Only 16% thought selling pot in liquor stores was a good idea.

If freedom to toke is your bag, the next finding might worry you – 62% of those polled thought firms should be able to make employees take drug tests if marijuana becomes legal.

So maybe don’t pass the joint…just yet.