Activist group launches government petition to decriminalize pot

Dec 19 2017, 11:06 am

Sensible BC, a group aiming to end marijuana prohibition, launched a parliamentary petition aiming to decriminalize pot in Canada.

Petition e-18 was launched by Sam Vekemans and is sponsored by Green Party leader Elizabeth May.


The petition claims marijuana prohibition has no scientific, medical, or social justification, and was only implemented to harass minorities. Sensible BC is calling to “Repeal the prohibition on possession and personal cultivation of cannabis,” and end the ban on paraphernalia as well.

The group wants patients to have the freedom to grow their own medical pot as recommended by a physician and to end police raids against dispensaries.

After a year, the petition calls for the complete end of the prohibition of pot and to grant full pardons to anyone convicted of marijuana-related offences.

“For those convicted for a cannabis offence under the CDSA, on a case-by-case basis: Grant a full pardon and amnesty for past offences, expunge criminal records and release all prisoners currently serving time,” reads the petition.

At the time of publication, petition e-18 had 871 signatures. It launched on February 10 and will be available for signatures until June 9.

If you would like to sign or view the petition, click here.

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