$101 million in Lotto Max prizes up for grabs in Friday's draw

Aug 12 2016, 4:04 pm

It’s time to start fantasizing about world travels and fancy cars.

For the first time in over a year, this Friday’s Lotto Max draw will have $101 million worth of prizes. The grand prize is $60 million, while there are 41 “Maxmillion” prizes of $1 million each up for grabs as well.

The last time Lotto Max prizes were collectively worth this much was back in June of 2015.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation believes that 40% of all Lotto Max sales will take place tomorrow, and BC lottery retailers will process up to 4,500 transactions a minute with the same trend expected across the country.

The odds of winning the grand prizes, however, aren’t the best – one in 28,633,528 per play to be exact, but winning any prize are one in 6.6.

Each Lotto Max ticket provides three plays, but you must match seven out of seven numbers to be the big winner.

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Daily Hive StaffDaily Hive Staff

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