6 decadent lattes to thrill your tastebuds

May 31 2016, 3:27 am

It’s hard to build on perfection, but sometimes you need to take your usual to the next level. Here’s a roundup of decadent lattes found on Calgary’s caffeine scene, and where you can find them.

Spanish Latte at Cerezo Cafe and Bar

A dollop of creamy, condensed milk
is the perfect way to enhance the flavour of a regular latte without being too overbearing. Grab a Spanish Latte at Cerezo Cafe and Bar, Calgary’s best kept secret and enjoy the eclectic, yet, cozy atmosphere. Cerezo’s Spanish Latte is a tad sweeter than other versions, but oh so delicious.

Address: 1002 Edmonton Trail NE
Phone: 403-250-8894
Twitter: @cerezocalgary

Sweet Latte at Rosso Coffee Roasters

It’s all in the name. Rosso’s Sweet Latte is delectably sweet with the perfect amount of foam. Great for when you want to tickle your tastebuds with a light creaminess, but don’t want to change the taste of a good ol’ latte.

Address: 425 11th Avenue SE
Phone: 403-352-5080
Twitter: @RossoCoffeeCo

Nutella Latte at Deville

Rich, but not sickly sweet, this latte is so good it could pass as a dessert. Enjoy this full-bodied treat at Deville and relax in the laid back, yet friendly environment. If you don’t like your coffee being too sweet, you can ask for it half-sweet.

Address: 807 1st Street SW
Phone: 403-263-0884
Twitter: @devillecoffee

Blueberry Latte at Purple Perk

You wouldn’t think blueberries and coffee make a happy couple, but Purple Perk created a beautiful union with this flavoured latte. The embodiment of summer, sit and sip on this fruity creation at the easygoing eatery and delight in the summer rays.

Address: 2212 4th Street SW
Phone: 403-244-1300
Twitter: @purpleperk

Chai Latte at Bumpy’s Cafe

Okay, you’re probably no stranger to the spice-laden delights of a Chai Latte. But, have you tried Bumpy’s Chai Latte? Aromatic and creamy, it’s sure to envelop you with its flavours of cardamon and cinnamon.

Address: 1040 8th Street SW
Phone: 403-265-0244
Twitter: @bumpyscafe

Maple Bacon Latte at Higher Ground Cafe

This latte rocks the Canadian stereotype, but who are we to complain? It seems bacon makes the perfect accompaniment with the sweetness of maple flavouring and it’s not lost on this beverage. Settle into Higher Ground Cafe’s unique scene with this treat and you’ll be hooked before you know it. Sorry, not sorry.

Address: 1126 Kensington Road NW
Phone:  403-270-3780
Twitter: @highergcafe

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