Albertans can now buy a boozy kombucha that just launched in Canada

Dec 23 2019, 10:28 am

With a new year around the corner, it’s safe to say if there was one healthy drink everyone was buzzing about in 2019, kombucha would definitely be in the running.

But what if we told you the buzz-worthy drink can now actually get you, well, buzzed? You heard that right. Kombrewcha contains the fizzy flavours of kombucha we love, now with a healthy dose of alcohol, too.

How? Well, unbeknownst to some people (us included), because kombucha is already a fermented product, it actually already has alcohol in it. So it makes sense that you can turn normal kombucha into something you can get tipsy off.

Women with Kombrewcha/Kombrewcha

It’s actually how the co-founders, Ariel Glazer and Barry Nalebuff, stumbled across the idea. Nalebuff had founded a kombucha company, Honest Tea, and noticed that when the tea sat on the shelves at grocery stores, it would start to become alcoholic (and therefore, not legal for regular retail). The genius idea then struck, and he paired up with Glazer to make Kombrewcha come to life.

The wildly successful company, born in Brooklyn in 2017, is now available for the very first time in Canada, with Alberta being the first lucky province.

The best part about Kombrewcha? As opposed to other alcoholic drinks on the market that are full of sugar and some serious calories, it’s super friendly on the waistline.


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The groundbreaking new beverage is made with fair trade black tea, is only 120 calories, and contains 6 to 7 grams of sugar per can. Kombrewcha uses no artificial sweeteners or ingredients and is certified organic and gluten-free. Plus, it comes in three flavours: Berry Hibiscus, Royal Ginger, or Lemongrass Lime. Berry Hibiscus is sweet, but also tart, with blackberry juice and hibiscus infusion; Royal Ginger is refreshing with organic ginger; while Lemongrass Lime is dry and citrusy.

Cheers-ing with Kombrewcha/Kombrewcha

While CEO Garrett Bredenkamp keeps the exact kombucha recipe under lock and key, he does reveal that one of Kombrewcha’s secrets is going through multiple fermentations and adding sugar, as well as using a natural fermentation process and only natural flavours.

All cans of Kombrewcha contain 4.4% alcohol. They’re lightly carbonated, not too sweet or sour, and frankly, we can’t wait to get our hands on some.

Wondering what all the buzz about getting buzzed on Kombrewcha is about? Try the fizzy, boozy, low-cal beverage for yourself at liquor stores throughout Alberta!

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