A Justin Trudeau 2018 calendar exists and you know you want it

Nov 30 2017, 7:06 am

If you just can’t get enough of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in your life, why not stare at him for 12 straight months next year?

Thanks to the good folks at Universe Publishing, you now have that opportunity with a new 2018 calendar.

The calendar, simply entitled, “Justin Trudeau My Canadian Boyfriend,” retails for $12.98 on Amazon and is available in select stores as well.

“I have a new boyfriend. No, you’ve never met him. He lives in Canada,” reads the product description.

The calendar is described as “a year-long celebration of dynamic, smart, compassionate, and sometimes sassy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

Yes, for 365 consecutive days, those who purchase this particular date keeper can enjoy the “model-like role-model” that is Trudeau.

The calendar also features “sweetly off-kilter but well-meaning commentary about his views,” direct from JT’s “sparkling blue eyes” on a wide range of subject’s including love, family, oh and of course other day-to-day topics such as global affairs and economic growth.

All told, this one-of-a-kind, one-year image gallery is a “true celebration of the man, the myth, and the meme that is Justin Trudeau.”

And while the review has a 5-star rating from a total of three product reviewers at the time of this writing, the calendar has already received a range of reactions on social media.

Happy New Year.

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