People are freaking out because of how Justin Bieber ate this burrito

Oct 26 2018, 4:33 am

Editorial note: It was later revealed that this viral photo was staged and the individual posing as Justin Bieber was, in fact, a look-alike and not the pop star himself. 

Some people say once you get married everything changes, and for Justin Bieber, it seems he’s completely forgotten how to eat a burrito the regular way.

The Despacito singer is getting ripped apart on Reddit after a photo of the A-lister was posted of him biting into the popular Mexican handheld from the side – straight to the middle of the wrap.

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Biebs eating the hefty burrito sideways seems to have sparked confusion and chaos on the Internet, and reactions from Reddit users, the Twitter community, and other major media outlets have been relatively savage since the image popped up on the popular site on October 24.

There were, however, a handful of folks that asked the rest of the world to just let the pop star enjoy the damn burrito. Some responses gave us the feels.

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