"Calgary fans bring it": Jon Hamm impressed by Flames atmosphere at Saddledome

May 26 2023, 6:56 pm

While the Saddledome itself may be in need of replacement, the atmosphere inside the Calgary Flames’ building made a major impression on Jon Hamm.

The American actor gave both the Saddledome as well as the entire city of Calgary a shoutout when asked where his favourite NHL city is to watch a game.

“Most recently, I watched a game in Calgary and the old Saddledome, which was built for the Olympics in ’88, and it’s a great place to watch a game,” Hamm said to NHL.com’s Anna Kulesa. “I’ve got to say, the Calgary fans bring it. It was really fun. And I got to hang out with Kirk Muller, who was the [associate] coach there… That was a pretty fun one. Madison Square Garden is a great arena as well, but I’ve got to give it up for little ol’ Calgary, the oldest arena in the league, but it’s got a lot of heart.”

When at the Saddledome just months ago watching the Flames take on the Toronto Maple Leafs, Hamm gave an interview with Sportsnet during which he spoke about his love for not only hockey but his hometown St. Louis Blues.

“I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. 2019 was obviously a special year for us. I’ve had friends on the team forever. It’s a great thing, as anybody in Calgary can certainly attest to, when your hometown team is doing well.”

It seems as though his most recent glowing endorsement of Calgary was no lie, as he had equally kind words about the city during that same interview months ago.

“It’s a beautiful city,” Hamm said. “I’m staying in a really nice neighbourhood that I can walk around. It almost feels like a city that’s sort of lost in time. It’s very easy to navigate, everybody’s very friendly. I know that’s kind of a Canadian thing, but it seems particularly true here in Calgary.”

Though Flames fans haven’t had a ton to cheer about as of late, getting acknowledgement from Hamm as to the atmosphere they bring to games is certainly worth being proud of.

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