The top 7 Instagram worthy spots in Calgary

Jun 15 2017, 8:15 am

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about social media it’s that upgrading your Instagram feed never hurts.

And that’s an important lesson for anyone who’s considering taking some cool photos – at least if they’re trying to get some follows or likes. But these days it seems like it’s difficult to get impressive pictures if you’ve been at it for a while or you’re just starting out.

So you’ll be happy to hear that you needn’t worry. Calgary offers unlimited killer photoshoot locations that can help you become Instafamous – all you need to do is charge your phone and wear a hot outfit if you’re looking to strike a pose. Your only problem? You don’t have a ton of ideas.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven Instagram worthy places in Calgary.

The Hangar Flight Museum

If you’ve ever wanted a picture beside a plane – well, now’s your chance. This museum’s been here for a long time, but people often forget that it’s a great place to get a shot in front of a plane or just of the plane itself. Channel your inner pilot and get ready to strike a pose.

Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower/Shutterstock

Located a whopping 191 metres above the downtown core, the Calgary Tower is a great place to get a few shots if you’re looking to do something a little different. You can stand on the glass floor to get a great photo of the city below – just make sure you wear a cute pair of shoes if you want to get your feet in.

The Rundle Ruins

Rundle Ruins/Shutterstock

The Rundle Ruins are aged but a photo here will never get old given the striking composition of the jagged ruins that are guaranteed to keep your followers’ eyes open.

The Mchugh Bluff Stairs

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Arguably one of the best lookouts in Calgary, you can climb these stairs to view the spectacular vista that is Calgary’s cityscape. If you want a really good photo then it’s recommended that you visit this place at sunset or sunrise when the sky features bright colours.

Wonderland sculpture

Downtown Calgary’s Wonderland sculpture is 12-metres wide and it’s about as cool as it sounds.

Prince’s Island Park

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If you’re feeling especially patriotic with Canada’s 150th anniversary approaching, then you should visit Prince’s Island Park to take a photo beside the massive Canada sign.

Peace Bridge

You see it all the time but you might have forgotten that the Peace Bridge’s red pattern always makes for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram photo.

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