You can now sell back your used furniture to IKEA

Nov 10 2018, 3:28 am

This could completely change the way you shop at IKEA to decorate and furnish your home.

Earlier this week at the Zero Waste Conference held in Vancouver, Brendan Seale, the Head of Sustainability of IKEA Canada, announced the launch of a new innovative furniture Sell-Back program.

It essentially allows Canadian customers to exchange their used IKEA furniture for in-store credit to redecorate their home.

The process is simple and relatively quick.

Customers who want to partake in the program must sign-up as an IKEA Family member, which is free to join. During this short application, customers are required to choose a store that will be linked to their account.

Through their created IKEA Family account, customers can then submit an application to sell their used IKEA furniture back to the store for an in-store credit, with each item submitted separately. Here are the three steps:

    1. Send four or more photos of the item you would like to sell
    2. Allow up to 72 hours for an assessment from the selected store
    3. Drop off the item and get an in-store credit from the selected store

More information on the IKEA Sell-Back program can be found here.

Earlier this month, IKEA also announced a new 365-day return policy for unused products up to one year after purchase. The previous return policy lasted 45 days.

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