Assemble classic IKEA furniture as gingerbread houses this holiday

Dec 2 2020, 5:29 pm

If you’ve ever sweat, swore, and struggled with assembling IKEA furniture, you can now add putting together gingerbread houses to your frustration resume.

The Swedish furniture retail company has launched Gingerbread Höme, a new project for families to scream at do together, just in time for the holidays.

Gingerbread house hopefuls can download stencils, classic IKEA assembly instructions and recreate iconic IKEA products, including the “strandmon” chair, the “malm” bedframe, the “billy” bookshelf, and more.

“At IKEA, we believe every house deserves to feel like a home – even if it’s made of deliciously sweet gingerbread,” says the company’s website.

The downloadable Gingerbread Höme kit includes furniture-shaped cookie cutters and simple instructions, so you can furnish your gingerbread house with edible versions of iconic IKEA furniture.

Because let’s be honest, we’ve all gotten to the point with IKEA furniture where we wanted to bite into it ‚ÄĒ now we finally can.

IKEA Canada

IKEA Canada

The downloadable baking kit, more information, and purchasable baking accessories are available through the Swedish company’s website.

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