6 local honey-based products we can’t get enough of

Oct 24 2019, 10:57 am

Honey is having a moment right now, and we aren’t upset about it in the slightest — especially considering Alberta produces the most honey in Canada.

Here we work hard to raise healthy bees, implement innovative and sustainable practices, and supply Canada and the world with the purest natural honey one can find. With Alberta’s overabundance of clover, alfalfa, and canola crops, there’s no question as to why our honey is the very best. Honey producers have been cultivating beehives here for over 100 years and they’ve worked hard to put Alberta (and Canada) on the honey-producing map.

But what’s all this buzz about? Well, honey is not only sweet and absolutely delicious, but it’s also incredibly healthy for you too! This minimally-processed food contains antibacterial properties, flavonoids, and rich antioxidants.

Because of this, honey is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Candles, hair treatments, jams and jellies, honey-infused beer – the list goes on. Our province’s honey has also made its way into many local restaurants these days, as decorated chefs use Albertan honey to enhance their flavours and create culinary delights like never before.

Looking for something to sweeten up your week? Here are six local honey-related products that we are loving this month.

Philpott’s Original Honey


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Their honey has been a staple in Canadian homes for years – and we have no doubt as to why. If you’re looking to reduce your use of processed sugar or artificial sweeteners, this honey makes a great replacement. Use it as a substitute in baking or cooking, or use it as a natural sweetener in your tea or coffee in the morning. It also makes a fantastic ice cream topper if you’re looking for a healthy-but-sweet treat after dinner. Or, stick to the classic and use it as a spread on your toast — try it with cashew butter, we promise you you’ll never go back.

Rocky Mountain Soap Hydrating Honey Face Mask


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This all-natural hydrating face mask gives your skin a vitamin boost that will smooth wrinkles, hydrate, and leave your skin glowing (take that, dry Albertan weather!). Honey also makes a fantastic moisturizing scrub if you’re looking to nourish, soften, and rid the body of toxins.

Fallen Timber Honey Mead


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This semi-sweet drink is one of the oldest alcoholic treats to date. Made of fermented honey and water (simple and effective), this beverage comes in a variety of aromas, with a bold character, and unique flavour profiles. How about a Meadjito or Honey Buck? These are just two of the specialty meads you can find at the Fallen Timber Meadery just outside of Water Valley.

Friday Sock Co. Bee + Hive Socks


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Believe us, you’ll be the bee’s knees in these purposefully bee + hive mismatched socks. Pair with your best dad sneaks and you’ll be the buzzin’ around town!

Spirit Hills Honey Wine


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Located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Spirit Hills Winery harvests their honey and transforms it into the smoothest honey wine you’ll ever taste. Serve chilled with charcuterie, fresh tacos, salmon and greens, or a sweet treat such as cheesecake. Rumour has it this wine can be found in some of the most prestigious Michelin Star in the world!

Field Kit Honey + Clover Soap and Candles


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Made to be reminiscent of those peaceful moments lingering in a meadow, listening to the honeybees working hard at their day job. Luckily for us in Calgary, you don’t need to go far to recreate this scene. Try out a candle and let the dewy fragrance fill your home, or use the bar soap to lather and moisturize your skin in a steamy shower. Both are made by the local Calgarian home and travel good brand, Field Kit.


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The Alberta Beekeepers Commission ‘The Hive Next Door‘ initiative aims to highlight the unique properties and benefits of honey, introduce you to local beekeepers and honey producers who sustainably harvest it, and demonstrate some new and exciting ways to take advantage of all the flavour and health possibilities of pure, local, Alberta honey. For more tips and recipes, follow the Alberta Beekeepers Commission on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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